Enchanted Necklace of Scales


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Bella was once an human sorceress apprentice, before she found a cursed necklace that transformed her into a dragon hybrid.

Bella spent a great deal reading enchanted lore until she came across a manuscript about special necklace. It belonged to a powerful enchantress, who harnessed the raw power of a dragon to increase her magical abilities. However, the manuscript mentions that the necklace comes with a price. A curse of a dragon. The longer the necklace is used, the more the user is fused with the soul of a dragon.

So, she sought and found the necklace, and it did indeed increase her magic tenfold. In fact, it granted too much power that it was hard to control. A strange force refused to give her control. It was like dealing with a wild beast. However, the more she used the necklace, the more she started to “tame” the unknown force. Once she gained full control, it was too late for her to realize that the curse had taken its toll. It started small with scaly skin that she assumed was a rash. Then it escalated to horns, a tail, and fangs. She had become a dragon hybrid.

She was shocked at first, and terrified to show her face. However, after a few weeks, she accepted her curse. She now spends her time studying cursed relics, determined to find a way to break her curse, or at least control the transformation.


For this pic, I decided to draw this character like she was a costume model in makeup (kinda like that show on SyFy; Face/Off).

Wasn’t too sure about the colors at first. Most dragon girls I’ve drawn are variants of red or purple. But, I wanted to make her look like Bella hadn’t been fully transformed, so I tried mixing some reds and flesh tones in to her color.

Overall, I really like how she turned out.



NO Damsel in Distress


A completed version of an old sketch. You can check out the original sketch and more pics like it in my DA Gallery.

We all know the old story about princesses. They’re usually cursed or hexed, locked in some tower, guarded by a dragon, waiting for Prince Charming to save them.

However, the complete opposite happened to this princess, Luna. Instead of a dragon guarding her , she’s both the dragon and the princess. I guess whoever cursed her wanted to kill 2 birds with one stone. So now she’s transformed into a dragon…a dragon with a flirty attitude who loves to be sarcastic.

To the brave knights that seek to save this princess, don’t expect some damsel in distress. She doesn’t like to be treated as a prissy little princess. She has a lust for glittery and shiny trinkets, and loves long walks in the moonlight. She’s a real live spark, and isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

Character and Art by Michael Woolsey

Howling Good Moonlight Stroll

Howling Good Moonlight Stroll

This is Bailey, a cute, friendly werewolf. She loves meeting new people and is very social. She especially loves going on long walks at night in the full moonlight. It just sounds so fun and romantic to her. However, she forgets she’s a werewolf, and the full moon is what triggers the transformation.

She tends forget to tell guys she’s dating that “little” detail. It’s not because she fears they will freak out or call her crazy. It’s because she seriously forgets. She just loves having so much fun and gets caught up in it that she forgets. No wonder guys looked shocked when they see her in the full moon.

I used about 40 layers to complete this on photoshop. Hope you guys like it!

Art, Character, and Story by me

Inferno Nova: Dragina Mid-transformation


When Dragina becomes enraged, the Fire’Heart activates unleashing a surge of blazing dragon energy. This begins her transformation into dragon form. In this state, she can unleash gusts of infernos that can engulf and burn anything in its path.

When she is pushed further into her rage, she becomes a full Fire Dragon, who’s capable of unleashing white-hot flames that disintegrate anything caught in its path.

I’m working on making a few character alterations with their looks, outfits, and stories. I’ll post more when I get the chance.