RealmLocke Designs Artist Alley NEXT WEEKEND

That’s right! Evansville Geek and Comic Con will be starting next weekend on the 25th-26th! You can find out more about the event on Evansville Museum’s website or follow them on Facebook under Evansville Museum of Art and Science Geek and Comic Con.

I’ve been working on getting my prints ready, and here’s a little preview of what I’ll have.

Postcard Size Prints: A mix of FanArt and some of my OCs

In this collection, theres a mix of old and new artwork. I took some old designs and changed up the border and backgrounds. You can see some of those changes by visiting my DeviantArt or my Instagram.


  1. Rathian and Rathelos and Palicos from Monster Hunter
  2. Dandy, Meow, QT from Space Dandy
  3. Katniss from Hunger Game
  4. Clairy from Shadow Hunters
  5. Hermione from Harry Potter
  6. Calcifer from Howl’s Moving Castle
  7. Tohru and Kyo from Fruits Basket
  8. 2B and Pod from NeiR Automata
  9. Naruto from Naruto Shippuden
  10. Jotaro and Star Platium from Jojo’s Bizarre Adeventures
  11. Kamina from Gurren Laggen
  12. Goku from Dragon Ball Z and Super
  13. Belle, Rapunzel, and Ariel from Disney
  14. Sir Daniel from PS1 MediEval
  15. Spyro from Spyro thr Dragon Reignited Trilogy


FANART BY ME, anbumsw


  1. Cyrus/AoS from Angel of Scars
  2. Remmy the Red Fox


***BUTTONS: SIZES FROM 1in to 1.5in

These Buttons include mainly FanArt designs and one adorable original design of my own. Concept art for the designs are on my Instagram.


  1. Crash from Crash N’Sane Trilogy
  2. Spyro from Spyro the Dragon Reignited Trilogy
  3. 2B from NieR Automata
  4. Palicos from Monster Hunter


FANART BY ME, anbumsw


Remmy the Red Fox



The bookmarks are lamenated featuring FanArt and Original works by me.


  1. Belle, Ariel, and Rapunzel belong to Disney
  2. Thor belongs to Marvel Comics
  3. Spyro belongs to Spyro the Dragon Reiginited Trilogy
  4. Rathian and Rathelos belong to Monster Hunter
  5. 2B belongs to NeiR Automata


FANART BY ME, anbumsw


  1. Fox by the Garden Fence
  2. Lumi Lox the Lantern Fox
  3. Angel of Scars the Reaper of Injustice
  4. Mermaid Reef



The greeting cards are a mix of multiple seasons and any occations. This batch here mainly features my orginals. I’ll post the rest later on this week.

Each card is blank inside and the backs have the title of the drawing and description.

***OCs and ORIGINALS FEATURED (from top left to right:

  1. Elegant Flower in Winter
  2. Elegant Princess
  3. In the Whisper of Winter
  4. Snow Fairy’s Poinsettia Garden
  5. Bewitching Black Cat
  6. Autumn Ballroom Dance
  7. Springtime Nymph Violet
  8. Sakura in Spring
  9. Flower Dress



I can’t wait til next weekend! It’s gonna be AWESOME!!!!!

CYA there!


Keeper of the Fireflies

Keeper of the Fireflies, Hikari

This lovely kitsune, Hikari, summons fireflies and fairy lights by using fox fire. She serves as their sheppard, herding the twinkling lights throughout the night, and calling back before first light.

She’s a friendly spirit that roams the meadows and forests of her homeland, helping lost spirits and travelers find their way in the dark. She carries a staff with a lantern of fox fire, which flickers to summon fireflies. Her appearence at night from afar resembles a gaint firefly floating about the tall grass and trees. As she wonders around, she scatters twinkling lights into the night, leaving sparkling trails that act as guiding lights. Once dawn approaches, she twirls the lantern, calling the lights back, and she returns to her home among the spirits.

Though she’s a friendly spirit, shes a bit shy. If startled, she disappears into a flickering burst of fairy lights. She usually won’t allow travelers to approach her. If she senses they are lost or need help, she will appear before them.

She prefers to be polite and repectful, often greeting with a formal bow. If shown the same kindness and respect, she will lead the way with a path of sparkling lights that leads to towns and settlements.

In her homeland, it has become a tradition for travelers to leave her small gifts (usually flowers, small trinkets, and sweets) near decorative paper lanterns on the trail posts to thank her.


For this sketch, I used a combination of pencil and pen to create the line are, and shaded and added accent colors to it on my tablet. Her design is based off of a combination of colonial and eastern design, to give her more friendly/peaceful appearence. I originally planned her to be wearinf a traditional kimono like dress, but the colonial design seemed to fit the concept of this is wonderer. Her fox design is based off of a fennic fox/ long earred fox, giving her a cuter/friendlier appearence.

I might come back and fully color this once I get an idea as to what colors would look best with her design.

Art, Character, and Story by me

Fantasy Art: Spring Nymph Violet

Spring Nymph Violet

A friendly spirit of flowers and blooms, Violet the Nymph of Spring

Nymphs are spirits of nature. They often depicted as being beautiful maidens that tend to and craft nature in greek mythology. These spirits usually have various elements of nature in their design that match their environment (forest nymphs might resemble trees or greenry).

This nymph, Violet, is based off the elements of Spring. For her design, I combined greenry (leaves, vines, etc), flowers, deer, and wind chimes, and used various colors of spring.

Originally, I colored her with my chameleon markers, coloring her hair, antlers, and ears with natural colors (tans, browns, and fawn). This version looks alright, but I wanted the character to look more like she was a part of nature. So, I made some changes in photoshop.

Chameleon Marker coloring of Violet. Less flower colors and more natural colors.

For the digital coloring, I changed the colors to match spring violets. I also used a number of layers to add some photos of flowers I took into her design to match with theme of a nymph (a combination of tulips and violets). I used overlay layers to change the flowers colors and shading to match the lighting.

Overall, I had a lot of fun making this drawing, and I think it turned out looking very beautiful.

Art, Drawings, and Character by me


Sketch original posting instagram realmlocke_anbumsw

Prints of this pic and more are available on my RedBubble

RedBubble realmlocke-msw

Lumi Lox: the Lantern Fox

Lumi Lox: the Lantern Fox


The Lumi Lox is a small fox-like creature, about the size of a small corgi, that has glowing antenna, markings, and a torch tipped tail. In the Loxes’ homeworld, it’s dangerous to venture out into the night without an enchanted lightsource, for dangerous beasts and shadows have claimed the night as their hunting grounds. Enchanted light is the only thing that seems to ward these dangers away. Loxes use their glow to confuse or blind any predators with flashes or strobes of bright white. Once the predator has been imoboblized, Loxes will flee for a burrow or any form of tall brush to hide away until the danger has passed.

Their glow is not only for defense. It’s also a means of communicating the Loxes’ feelings and moods, depending on the glow’s color.

Loxes are considered very friendly and have a dog-like personality. They wag their tails when happy and even bark…sorta…more like a high pitch, “marf!” sound. Due to their personality, many travelers keep a Lox or two as pets for company and security during night travels.

Colors and Moods

  • Bright Blue = Passive or Curious
  • White = Fear
  • Red = Anger
  • Green = Disgust or Sick
  • Dark Blue = Sleeping
  • Pink = Romantic or In Love
  • Yellow = Uneasy

Eating and Hunting Habbits

Loxes are mostly carnivores, and will hunt smaller creatures like rodents and insects. Sometimes they will eat fruits or vegatation for nutrients such as berries or roots.

Loxes prefer to stalk and blind using a flash from their antennas and tail to catch prey.

Biology and Behaviors

Loxes are warm blooded mammels. They prefer warm climates with plenty of shade. Loxes also prefer to live in small packs for protection. Males are usually bigger than females and a darker blue coat of fur. Both genders will glow pink when in love.

Loxes mate for life. They remain affectinate and faithful to their mates. Females may litters of up to 5 pups. Both genders take part in raising thier young.

Loxes are mostly nocturnal, prefering to hunt at night. They tend to take short naps through at the daytime, only to take small breaks to forage for fruits and roots.


I originally posted the sketch of this creature on here and on my DeviantArt

For this character, it took roughly 20 or more layers on photoshop to color and add effects.

Art, Character, and Story belongs to me


I’ve also posted 3 versions of this pic on my RedBubble realmlocke-msw: a T-Shirt version, Sticker version, and a Print version

Lumi Lox Tee
Lumi Lox Sticker
Lumi Lox Print

Winter at the Cafe

Originally posted this sketch on realmlock_anbumsw

An Artic Fox Girl enjoying a hot cup of coffee at her favorite cafe.

This was a fun sketch to make. Originally, the idea was going to be draw a scene of snow in the park, but I was growing tired of the cold weather. I decided to draw a coffee shop/cafe scene with a warm and cozy vibe.

For this sketch, I focused on creating a relaxing scene with the character sitting with her cup of coffee. To stick to a winter theme, I decided to have snow falling outside the window, and based the character’s design off an Artic Fox.

Overall, I really love how this sketch turned out.

Art and Character by me


For more Art and other Works of mine, check out these links below:

My Instagram realmlocke_anbumsw

My DeviantArt anbumsw

Prints and Other Merch is available at RedBubble realmlocke-msw

FanArt: Mizutsune the Water Fox

Fanart: Bowing Water Fox

Originally posted on my Instagram (realmlocke_anbumsw)

An adorable Anthro version of the water fox, Mizutsune (Monster Hunter), in an elegant dress. This Leviathan is best known for the fact that it breathes bubbles as a defense mechanism. It also happens to be one of my favorite monsters due to its design and colors, and the fact that it’s one of the few monsters considered normally passive unless provoked.

For this drawing, I focused on making this character look a little more human than creature (kinda like prosthetic makeup or costume). Mainly, I tried to make her face look semi normal by compressing some of the Mizutsune’s features (mainly the snout). I also tried to make her hair resemble quill like fur.

I tried this style in a previous drawing. You can check it out here on the blog, or on my DeviantArt (anbumsw)

Overall, I think it turned out pretty good. Might have to come back and color this later.

Mizutsune belongs to Capcom and Monster Hunter

Fanart by me

Spring Nymph

A friendly spirit of spring!🦌⚘

For this sketch, I tried to come up with different characteristics of spring to make up this design. So, I chose a deer, flowers, and wind chimes.

Overall, think this drawing turned out pretty cool.

Originally posted on my instagram

Art and Character by me