Halloween Art Showcase 2018

This year, I’ve got several spooktacular Halloween pics done, and I thought it’d be fun to showcase them here.


In order from left to right: Cow-Moo-Ween Barmaid (starring Annabel), Skeleton Roses (starring Caroline), and Mythics&Bizzare Halloween Remake (starring Annabel, Caroline, and Evanna).


Cow-Moo-Ween Barmaid

First on this spooktacular list is Annabel in her festive Cow-Moo-Ween (common tongue = Halloween) Barmaid Costume. It’s a beautiful Oktoberfest inspired dress. She’s running the bar at Morgan’s Mansion this year, what better costume than a cute barmaid!

Annabel here is an old OC from my DeviantArt series, Mythics&Bizzare (a series about a strange shopping complex that sells mystical and enchanted items that have bizarre side effects like transformation)

You can check out more Mythics&Bizzare on my DA.


Skeleton Roses

Second on the list is Caroline in a Day of the Dead inspired costume. This originally started out as a Chameleon Colored pic.


I changed it up in the digital version to add more effects and change up the coloring.

For the digital version:

The colors were redone, and the makeup was altered to look more natural. There less white in the final coloring for the skeleton makeup. I decided to fade her natural fur color to a ghostly pale. I figured this made her look more spirit-like, kinda like she’s a festive ghost.

For the background, I went for the candle light look, with floating candles hovering like wandering spirits. Took me quite a while to complete the entire drawing. Overall, I think Caroline has a wonderfully cute and spooky look! Perfect for the month of Halloween!!!


Last on the the list is a remake of an pic I made years ago.

The original drawing was posted on my DeviantArt’s Mythics&Bizzare Series. I wanted to revisit this drawing and give it a fresh new look.


The original was mainly flats with some shading, with the cast of Annabel (LEFT), Caroline (MIDDLE), and Angel the Leopard (RIGHT). It was a showcase of some of the costumes at the Mythics&Bizzare Stores.


In the remake, I wanted more vibrant colors with my more recent drawing style. Most of the original cast is here, except for Angel. I wanted this pic to contain some of the main faces of the series, so Evanna the Tigrent stepped in for Angel.

Characters and their Costumes:
1. in the center is Caroline showing off her favorite Costume: Masquerade Dress Combo. It simple yet classy

2. to the left is Anabel Showing off her Modern Rancher Outfit, Cowtaur Style. Great for those long days in the pasture.

3. to the right is Evanna the Tigrent in her Forest Fairy Outfit. Mystically Cute!



You can check out more of the Mythics&Bizzare series on my DA.

You can also check out some of my sketches and drawings on my instagram.

If you’d like to check out my other artwork, stories, or are interested in Commissions, head on over to my RealmLocke Blog on SobaDoodles!


Commissions Now Open!


Commissions are now open! If you’re interested, head on over to my other blog site to read up on Commission rules and terms, and fill out the Form.

Go To www.sobadoodles.com/realmlockelegends/contact

Before you commission me, here’s a little about me:

  • I work mainly with anthro/furry, anime/manga, and fantasy style art
  • My main methods for drawing are:
    • Sketchbook, pencil, and pen
    • Art Flow Studio on Android for outlining and line art
    • Photoshop Elements 18 for Coloring, Shading, and Effects
  • Please keep any background requests simple
    • NO complex backgrounds like cities, crowds, castles, etc
    • Let’s stick to simple backgrounds like gradients or blurred landscape (few trees or building shapes, no heavy amounts of details)
  • What I will Draw:
    • Furry/Anthro Characters
    • Anime/Manga Characters
    • Fan Art
    • Fantasy
    • If you need more examples check out my online galleries, I’m sure I have something there you’ll like
  • What I will NOT Draw:
    •  Nudity
    • Gore/Blood
    • Rude Content
    • Hateful Content
    • Sexually Explicit
    • I have the right to DENY ANY commission if I am uncomfortable with the request

Coming Soon: Commissions to RealmLocke Legends


Please Note: I’m not taking commission at this time.

I’m working on getting commissions setup, but once its ready, I’ll post here and on sobadoodles.com. This will include the official rules and terms of the commissions, prices, and how to request a commission.

Just a few things to note:

  • It’ll be paypal only, in USD or US currency
  • I request 70% up front, and the rest upon completion
  • I’ll have a document on rules and how to request a commission posted soon


  • What I will draw:
    • Anthro/Furry
    • Anime/Manga
    • Fan Art
    • Fantasy
    • If you need more examples, checkout some of my online galleries. I’m sure I have something there you’ll like.


  • What I will NOT draw:
    • Nudity
    • Gore/Blood
    • Rude Content
    • Hateful Content
    • Sexually Explicit
    • I have the right to DENY  ANY commission if I am uncomfortable with the request

I’ll be sure to let everyone know once I have everything ready.

Until then, stay tuned! ~anbumsw


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Coming Soon: Drawing/Photoshop Tutorials on Soba Doodles/RealmLocke

I’ve been asked before about how I make some of my artwork, so I thought it’d be fun to create some tutorials on drawing, Photoshop, etc.  These tutorials are my opinions, based on how I draw. There are many different techniques and approaches to drawing and creating artwork, so some of my tips and tricks may not be your style. Nevertheless, I hope some might find these tutorials useful.

I plan to do tutorials on both anthro/furry and human characters, mainly in fantasy and modern settings. The first tutorial will be about the basics and some tricks that helped me when I first started drawing.

ALL of these Tutorials will be on my new page on Soba Doodles, RealmLocke Legends.

Can’t wait to get started, so stay tuned!


New Site! Soba Doodles!

Soba Doodles is my new site I’m collaborating on with my buddy Mastanobu. There we will be posting new Artwork, Web Comics, and More for not only my Series, RealmLocke Legends, but for Mastanobu’s web comic Sticks and Stones (a hilarious parody of RPGs and MMOs).

And no worries, I’m not shutting down this site, but I will be posting more artwork to the new site. Also, I’ll have drawing tutorials and other fantasy/pop art posts on the new site. I’ll keep you guys updated here and on FB =D

Can’t wait to get started! Come check us out at www.sobadoodles.com! 


Howl-O-Ween Moonlight Merchant

A funny Halloween Short about a strange merchant that sells mystical/echanted items on Halloween Night.


Welcome to Moonlight Trinkets and Remedies! Jessica’s little shop for all your enchanted charms, potions, and other spell crafting needs.

Been down on your luck or can’t seem to find your muse? Jessica’s charms offer a wide variety of effects that bring good luck or inspiration. Need a new look? Her potions grant glamour effects (changes one’s appearance) ranging from simple changes to full body reconstruction.

Most of her charms and potions are temporary…well…except the more potent ones that only are sold full moon nights. The moon seems to change her magic’s effects, making it harder to undo any effects or transformations. But, she swears she hasn’t had any terrible outcomes from these Moonlight products…at least not that she’s aware of.

Howl-O…Halloween night is very particular for her store. It enhances magical properties of all her charms and potions (even more so if it’s a full moon night). It’s also the night she offers some psychic services (she has a real knack for Paw…err…Palm reading).

***** ,-,-, ^;..;^ ,-,-, *****
All customers must sign an agreement waver before using any of the charms or potions from the store.  All sales are final and non-refundable.  Customers may purchase a reversal remedy in the case of permanent effects of a potion (cure may take a week to go into effect).

She accepts copper, gold, and other valuables as trade, EXCEPT SILVER!!!

She’s HIGHLY allergic for some reason…ESPECIALLY on a FULL MOON NIGHT!

I made this character a couple of years ago on Deviantart, and thought it be fun to share it here. The character herself I based off some of my previous werewolf drawings, and drew some inspiration from the strange fortune teller from Courage the Cowardly Dog (you know, the green fox dog with the offset different colored eyes who always says, “he’s the stupid one.” lol)

Chracter, Story, and Artwork by me, anbumsw

Cherry Blossom Breeze: OC Remake

A while back, I decided to redraw my site’s banner character, Sakura the Cherry Blossom Kitsune, and here’s what I came up with.

LEFT: “NEW” Cherry Blossom Breeze       RIGHT: “OLD” Sakura in Spring

The newer version has more details and new designs in the dress and fan. The colors are lighter in the newer one for a springlike like look. I really wanted this new version to look similar to her previous version, but with my current art style. Honestly, I love both designs. Which one do you like best? Along with the redraw, I also worked on her back story. Check it out!

Sakura the Kitsune’s Backstory: Cherry Blossom Breeze


Cherry Blossom Breeze by anbumsw

A beautiful Kitsune named Sakura, dancing about a field of Cherry Blossoms. She’s a friendly spirit that tends to forests of her homeland. The Cherry Blossom forests provide harmony to her homeland, giving its travelers a place of peace and calm. One of Sakura’s duties is to keep the forest purified to preserve its harmony. Her dance cleanses the wilds, protecting them from a dark infestation; a disease of malice and hatred. If this is left unchecked or purified, this disease will consume everything, leaving nothing but death and decay. Luckily, Sakura has had many years of practice warding off this evil, and she always has her sisters nearby to help as well. Travelers of the realm say that meeting this Kitsune is a sign of good fortune, for she blesses your journey. To receive her blessing, all one must do is bow in respect and offer a token of tribute. Nothing flashy like gold or trinkets. Food or Flowers work best with her. If she presents a cherry blossom, this is her token of her blessing; a good luck charm. This will ward off bad luck and evil on the journey ahead. **** Cherry Blossom Breeze was originally my instagram and my deviantart Character, Story, and Artwork by me, anbumsw

Koopa Queen Bowsette and Broadway Bowline

So, over the weekend, I took a shot at drawing Bowsette. What I came up with is two different versions lol

LEFT: Koopa Queen Bowsette                    RIGHT: Broadway Bowline


Koopa Queen Bowsette


This version of Bowsette, I decided to make her have more of Bowser’s design. She has the red hair mixed with blonde, red brows, claw like feet, and even has a similar color design. For her overall design, the dress is similar to Peach’s, but with more of Bowser’s chokers and cuffs. Also the feet are suppose to be like high heels, but with claws. The thumb claw acts as the heel when she walks or stands.

The original concept sketch had her sitting on a lounge chair, but I figured an evil dragon throne was better suited to her style. Her colors are faded for a princess like look, but are still similar to the Koopa King.

You can see my original sketches on Instagram


Broadway Bowline


This was a completely different take all together on the Bowsette character. She’s no longer a double of Peach, but a double of Pauline from New Donk City. This all thanks to a new ability the crown on Bowsette has (all made up lol).

So, Bowsette finds out that the crown has similar properties to that pesky Cappy on Mario’s head. However, instead of possessing people or creatures, the crown mimics other hats and accessories. This transforms the wearer into whoever wore the copied item. In this case, Bowsette tried the new ability on Pauline’s hat. Now, Bowsette has transformed into Bowline, a Broadway singer determined to out stage Pauline and over take New Donk City with her Koopa Krew Band.

For this one, I decided to make Bowline look similar to Pauline, while still looking similar to Bowsette.

You can see the original sketch on Instagram 


Both drawings were a lot of fun to design, especially with Bowline with designing the band and stage. Lol, IDK if I plan to make any more pics of these characters. We will just have to wait and see.

Both pics are posted on my DeviantArt

Bowser, Peach, Pauline, Koopa, Boo, and Shyguy belong to Nintendo

FanArt by me, anbumsw

RealmLocke Designs Artist Alley NEXT WEEKEND

That’s right! Evansville Geek and Comic Con will be starting next weekend on the 25th-26th! You can find out more about the event on Evansville Museum’s website or follow them on Facebook under Evansville Museum of Art and Science Geek and Comic Con.

I’ve been working on getting my prints ready, and here’s a little preview of what I’ll have.

Postcard Size Prints: A mix of FanArt and some of my OCs

In this collection, theres a mix of old and new artwork. I took some old designs and changed up the border and backgrounds. You can see some of those changes by visiting my DeviantArt or my Instagram.


  1. Rathian and Rathelos and Palicos from Monster Hunter
  2. Dandy, Meow, QT from Space Dandy
  3. Katniss from Hunger Game
  4. Clairy from Shadow Hunters
  5. Hermione from Harry Potter
  6. Calcifer from Howl’s Moving Castle
  7. Tohru and Kyo from Fruits Basket
  8. 2B and Pod from NeiR Automata
  9. Naruto from Naruto Shippuden
  10. Jotaro and Star Platium from Jojo’s Bizarre Adeventures
  11. Kamina from Gurren Laggen
  12. Goku from Dragon Ball Z and Super
  13. Belle, Rapunzel, and Ariel from Disney
  14. Sir Daniel from PS1 MediEval
  15. Spyro from Spyro thr Dragon Reignited Trilogy


FANART BY ME, anbumsw


  1. Cyrus/AoS from Angel of Scars
  2. Remmy the Red Fox


***BUTTONS: SIZES FROM 1in to 1.5in

These Buttons include mainly FanArt designs and one adorable original design of my own. Concept art for the designs are on my Instagram.


  1. Crash from Crash N’Sane Trilogy
  2. Spyro from Spyro the Dragon Reignited Trilogy
  3. 2B from NieR Automata
  4. Palicos from Monster Hunter


FANART BY ME, anbumsw


Remmy the Red Fox



The bookmarks are lamenated featuring FanArt and Original works by me.


  1. Belle, Ariel, and Rapunzel belong to Disney
  2. Thor belongs to Marvel Comics
  3. Spyro belongs to Spyro the Dragon Reiginited Trilogy
  4. Rathian and Rathelos belong to Monster Hunter
  5. 2B belongs to NeiR Automata


FANART BY ME, anbumsw


  1. Fox by the Garden Fence
  2. Lumi Lox the Lantern Fox
  3. Angel of Scars the Reaper of Injustice
  4. Mermaid Reef



The greeting cards are a mix of multiple seasons and any occations. This batch here mainly features my orginals. I’ll post the rest later on this week.

Each card is blank inside and the backs have the title of the drawing and description.

***OCs and ORIGINALS FEATURED (from top left to right:

  1. Elegant Flower in Winter
  2. Elegant Princess
  3. In the Whisper of Winter
  4. Snow Fairy’s Poinsettia Garden
  5. Bewitching Black Cat
  6. Autumn Ballroom Dance
  7. Springtime Nymph Violet
  8. Sakura in Spring
  9. Flower Dress



I can’t wait til next weekend! It’s gonna be AWESOME!!!!!

CYA there!

Meowster Hunters: The Lovable Palicos

There’s nya meowster too tough fur a Meowster Hunter to tackle :3

When I think of Monster Hunter, a few things come to mind. There’s exploration and resource gathering, epic boss-like battles where timing is key, and several weapon types that dramatically change up gameplay (Great Swords are heavy and use charge-up attacks while Dual-Blades are combo focused). Throughout this game’s journey, there’s one group of characters that stick by your side through thick or thin. I’m talking of course about your lovable little cat companions, the Palicos.

Palicos are domesticated bipedal cat-like creatures that belong to a creature group dubbed Felynes. These cats serve as support characters to hunters, providing unique tools and gadgets to trap/stun monsters or buff hunters. They’re eager to help out where ever they can in a hunt, collecting resources or distracting monsters off of hunters. However, they can be lazy and take a cat nap or two while on the job (no pun intended), but when a major problem arises, they take action.


For this FanArt drawing, I wanted to capture the playful/cheerful attitude of these adorable little Felynes. For the character designed, there were many different Palicos to pick from, along with armors and weapons. I ultimately decided on three: Alloy (Middle), Hunter (Right), and Rathian (Left). These three armors seemed are some of the more well known ones, or at least ones I’ve used more often throughout the series. For the breeds, the black and white cat, traditional palico colors (Right), and calico seemed to stand out.

The pose for each Palico was based off of their gestures in Monster Hunter Generations (Prowlico Mode). The middle cat is doing the show off pose, the right cat is in sit position, and the left is doing the dance gesture.

For the background, I wanted something that matched Monster Hunters theme of fantasy. So, the background was designed to look like aged canvas, and the text was designed to be brush like (as if the cats themselves painted it). Finally, I added a fog and confetti for a dramatic entrance (kinda like they are saying “TA DAH!!!”).

Overall, I had tons of fun creating the designs of these characters, and I love how the final pic turned out.


Original Sketch was Posted on

Realmlocke_anbumsw (Instagram) and anbumsw (DeviantArt)


Palicos belong to Monster Hunter

FanArt by me