Art Showcase: FanArt Bookmarks Vol 1

Just wanted to give everyone an update on the progress of my Artist Alley booth, RealmLocke Designs, for Evansville Geek and Comic Con (For More Info on the Convention, checkout my previous post). So, here’s a little preview of what I’ve been working on…some AWESOME FanArt Bookmark Designs!!!

Spyro, Monster Hunter, NeiR Automata, and Thor
Rapunzel, Belle, and Ariel


For these designs, I took some of my previous drawings and tweaked a few of them to fit in a bookmark shape. For example, the three Disney princesses were all from the same drawing (See original post on my DeviantArt anbumsw). Starting with Rapunzel, I added brush strokes to the background to give it a painted canvas look. For Belle, I added more violet colors and roses to the background. Last, Ariel’s background has more musical and water elements such as the music notes and bubbles.

I’m still working on some other drawings and prints, so once those are done, I’ll be sure to post it here (as well as on DeviantArt, Instagram, and Facebook).


Spyro belongs to Spyro the Dragon

Rathain and Rathalos belong to Monster Hunter

2B belongs to NeiR Automata

Thor belongs to Marvel Comics

Rapunzel, Belle, and Ariel belong to Disney

FanArt by me

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Meowster Hunters: The Lovable Palicos

There’s nya meowster too tough fur a Meowster Hunter to tackle :3 

When I think of Monster Hunter, a few things come to mind. There’s exploration and resource gathering, epic boss-like battles where timing is key, and several weapon types that dramatically change up gameplay (Great Swords are heavy and use charge-up attacks while Dual-Blades are combo focused). Throughout this game’s journey, there’s one group of characters that stick by your side through thick or thin. I’m talking of course about your lovable little cat companions, the Palicos.

Palicos are domesticated bipedal cat-like creatures that belong to a creature group dubbed Felynes. These cats serve as support characters to hunters, providing unique tools and gadgets to trap/stun monsters or buff hunters. They’re eager to help out where ever they can in a hunt, collecting resources or distracting monsters off of hunters. However, they can be lazy and take a cat nap or two while on the job (no pun intended), but when a major problem arises, they take action.


For this FanArt drawing, I wanted to capture the playful/cheerful attitude of these adorable little Felynes. For the character designed, there were many different Palicos to pick from, along with armors and weapons. I ultimately decided on three: Alloy (Middle), Hunter (Right), and Rathian (Left). These three armors seemed are some of the more well known ones, or at least ones I’ve used more often throughout the series. For the breeds, the black and white cat, traditional palico colors (Right), and calico seemed to stand out.

The pose for each Palico was based off of their gestures in Monster Hunter Generations (Prowlico Mode). The middle cat is doing the show off pose, the right cat is in sit position, and the left is doing the dance gesture.

For the background, I wanted something that matched Monster Hunters theme of fantasy. So, the background was designed to look like aged canvas, and the text was designed to be brush like (as if the cats themselves painted it). Finally, I added a fog and confetti for a dramatic entrance (kinda like they are saying “TA DAH!!!”).

Overall, I had tons of fun creating the designs of these characters, and I love how the final pic turned out.


Original Sketch was Posted on

Realmlocke_anbumsw (Instagram) and anbumsw (DeviantArt)


Palicos belong to Monster Hunter

FanArt by me


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Rooftop Ruins View

NieR Automata 2B

The lovely android warrior, 2B, taking a break from her busy work of hunting robots to enjoy the view of the remains of an ancient human civilization.

NieR Automata is one of my top favorite games of 2017 from its awesome visuals and gameplay to its interesting story and beautiful soundtrack, and character progression

NieR Automata is an awesome combination of Yokotaro’s complex story writing with the high pace character action of Platium Games. The story divides itself into different playthroughs, adding new details and points of view as you switch between the playable cast (2B the warrior, 9S the scout, and A2 the renegade).  I don’t wanna spoil the storyline for this, cause it’s definitely one that has to be seen for yourself.

I decided for this drawing to have 2B without her HUD blindfold on. I figured this would add some character to her face, as well as it just looks cute. This wasn’t an easy character to draw. It literally took me hours to draw 2B, especially due to the elaborate design on her gothic dress (so many lines! lol). Coloring and shading was just as long, but I had tons of fun working on this drawing.

Overall, I’m very happy with how the drawing turned out.

2B and Pod the Drone belong to NeiR Automata

FanArt by me


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Original Post is on my instagram, realmlocke_anbumsw

Evansville Geek and Comic Con

Awesome News! 

I will be attending the Artist Alley at Evansville Museum Geek and Comic Con this year!

My booth, Realm Locke Designs, will be selling some of my prints of my Original works and Fan Art.

The Convention will be at Evansville, IN Museum of Art, Science, and History on August 25th-26th! For more information, check out their event site at Evansville Geek and Comic Con

I’ll be posting some of the prints and the progress of my booth here on RealmLocke Legends, as well as my Facebook (RealmLocke Legends FB ) and DeviantArt (anbumsw) and Instagram (RealmLocke_anbumsw)

It’s gonna be tons of fun! Can’t wait to get started!

Keeper of the Fireflies

Keeper of the Fireflies, Hikari

This lovely kitsune, Hikari, summons fireflies and fairy lights by using fox fire. She serves as their sheppard, herding the twinkling lights throughout the night, and calling back before first light.

She’s a friendly spirit that roams the meadows and forests of her homeland, helping lost spirits and travelers find their way in the dark. She carries a staff with a lantern of fox fire, which flickers to summon fireflies. Her appearence at night from afar resembles a gaint firefly floating about the tall grass and trees. As she wonders around, she scatters twinkling lights into the night, leaving sparkling trails that act as guiding lights. Once dawn approaches, she twirls the lantern, calling the lights back, and she returns to her home among the spirits.

Though she’s a friendly spirit, shes a bit shy. If startled, she disappears into a flickering burst of fairy lights. She usually won’t allow travelers to approach her. If she senses they are lost or need help, she will appear before them.

She prefers to be polite and repectful, often greeting with a formal bow. If shown the same kindness and respect, she will lead the way with a path of sparkling lights that leads to towns and settlements.

In her homeland, it has become a tradition for travelers to leave her small gifts (usually flowers, small trinkets, and sweets) near decorative paper lanterns on the trail posts to thank her.


For this sketch, I used a combination of pencil and pen to create the line are, and shaded and added accent colors to it on my tablet. Her design is based off of a combination of colonial and eastern design, to give her more friendly/peaceful appearence. I originally planned her to be wearinf a traditional kimono like dress, but the colonial design seemed to fit the concept of this is wonderer. Her fox design is based off of a fennic fox/ long earred fox, giving her a cuter/friendlier appearence.

I might come back and fully color this once I get an idea as to what colors would look best with her design.

Art, Character, and Story by me

New Prints! Wyverns, Dragons, and Undead Warriors! RealmLocke RedBubble

Been working on some new prints and tees for my RedBubble site (realmlocke-msw), and here is a few of those awesome pics!

Queen and Hatchling

A rare sight to see in the world of Monster Hunter. A mother Rathian caring for her baby Prince of the Skies, Rathelos.

Monster Hunter is one of my favorite game series with it’s awesome boss-like battles and combat system. So, I decided to draw something based on that series, but I wanted to do something that was the complete opposite of the games’ main premise (something serene; a rare sight).

This took me several layers to shade both monsters, and create a background.

Overall, I love how this pic turned out

Rathian and Rathelos belongs to Monster Hunter

Fan Art by me

Prints are available on RedBubble. Check it out by clicking the pictures or the link at the bottom of this post

Reigniting the Flames

The little dragon, with big attitude!

The little purple fireball, Spyro, is making his return in an awesome looking remake of his original PS Classic Trilogy!

For this pic, I decided to draw Spyro standing in front of a version of his is inner dragon, a representation of his attitude.

I thought it was an awesome way to describe this little badass dragon, and I can’t wait for the remake to come out!

Spyro belongs to Activision

Fan Art by me

Tee shirt versions of this pic are avaiable on my RedBubble. Check out the links by clicking the pictures or the link at the bottem of this post

Get’ith Wrecked Naive: Sir Daniel Leveled Up

Looks like Sir Dainel Fortesque leveled up from undead hero, to undead badass! lol

I based this drawing off the PS Classic game, MediEval. I combined elements from Sir Dainel’s orginal game with elements of Dark Souls to give him a more badass appearence. The armor design is a combination of Sir Dainel and Solaire (the Sun Bro of Dark Souls).

This drawing was created with a combination of brushes from my Art Flow app on my tablet and Photoshop on my Desktop.

Sir Dainel belongs to MediEval Playstation

Fan Art by me

Tee shirt versions of this pic are avaiable on my RedBubble. Check out the links by clicking the pictures or the link at the bottem of this post


All these awesome pics are now available on realmlocke-msw on RedBubble!

There’s also several other cool looking prints and merc of some of my original characters

Fantasy Art: Spring Nymph Violet

Spring Nymph Violet

A friendly spirit of flowers and blooms, Violet the Nymph of Spring

Nymphs are spirits of nature. They often depicted as being beautiful maidens that tend to and craft nature in greek mythology. These spirits usually have various elements of nature in their design that match their environment (forest nymphs might resemble trees or greenry).

This nymph, Violet, is based off the elements of Spring. For her design, I combined greenry (leaves, vines, etc), flowers, deer, and wind chimes, and used various colors of spring.

Originally, I colored her with my chameleon markers, coloring her hair, antlers, and ears with natural colors (tans, browns, and fawn). This version looks alright, but I wanted the character to look more like she was a part of nature. So, I made some changes in photoshop.

Chameleon Marker coloring of Violet. Less flower colors and more natural colors.

For the digital coloring, I changed the colors to match spring violets. I also used a number of layers to add some photos of flowers I took into her design to match with theme of a nymph (a combination of tulips and violets). I used overlay layers to change the flowers colors and shading to match the lighting.

Overall, I had a lot of fun making this drawing, and I think it turned out looking very beautiful.

Art, Drawings, and Character by me


Sketch original posting instagram realmlocke_anbumsw

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