Marcus Dulgher Exo Suit No Helm


Marcus Dulgher is one of the top Slayers in Dragthrn and is one of the leaders of the Slayers. He’s known for his bravery and serious personality. His suit is built for support and strength to aid him in wielding his hammer, Bone Breaker.

Marcus’ last name means Carpenter in Romanian, due to his farher being a head carpenter of his hometown. His armor was originally named Titanium Knight, but I’m thinking of changing that.


Fire Fury


This is Fire Fury, a vigilante of the Fi’Nova City. She’s known for being a show off. She’s always appearing in a burst of Flames and loves to taunt her opponents. She uses her skills with her blade, Flint Strike (a sword that bursts into flames when struck) to defeat her enemies.

The Sub Zero Prince: Ice’Zik


Ice’Zik is Tun’Thra ‘ s (the newest Frozen King) step son and Cyrus’ older step brother. He’s known to be cold and has a stare that can only compare to a parent scolding a child.

His father died when he was still a hatchling (young child in Dregon). He was too young to take the throne, so Tun’Thra took over, as well as married his mother. Throughout his childhood he tried to live up to the new king’s expectations, but at every turn he failed. The new Frost King was obsessed about his first son, Cyrus.

Ice’Zik harbors much hatred for his younger step brother.  Cyrus has so much potential power, yet he refuses it and suppresses it. The mere thought of this angers Ice’Zik.  He should have that power, not that half Frost’Born. Cyrus is nothing more than a failed project, and Ice’Zik intends to make him suffer.

Ice’Zik looks to challenge Cyrus and remind him that he’s nothing more than a monster. His favorite quote is, “Look at your hands, brother. They are those of a monster’s. Meant for destruction. Unfit to hold the hands of another.”

Angel of Scars: Reaper of Injustice (rough overview)


In the City of Fi’Nova, a city overrun by lawless guilds of Dregons (Dragon Humans), there is a legend of a Shadow, the Angel of Scars. To the renegade guilds, he is a Demon, but to many of the city, he’s an Angel.

He is a hulk like creature in a skeleton like armor that shimmers a shadowy violet. He wears a skull like mask, cracked and worn from battle. He makes his presence known by appearing in a wave of rolling fog. He sometimes appears with a pair of giant bat like wings, that retract into his back at will. His piercing blue eyes stir fear into anyone unlucky to catch his stare. When he strikes, energy lashes out in the from of a monstrous beast, devastating anything caught in its wake. Some say the armor’s shimmer changes colors from shadowy violet to magma red to ice blue, changing the style of how he fights. Some also claim he can change his form by growing sharp spines or forming a scythe tip on his tail.

He is the face that bares the marks of injustice. He is the reaper, the Angel of Scars.

Real Name: Cyrus
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Frost Fire’Born Dregon
Home: Fi’Nova on Dregthrn Island

Powers and abilities:
*Supernatural Energy Attacks
*Mutation (Wings, Spines, Scythe Tips, etc)
*Gaze of Fear
*Rolling Fog
*Burst Step (move rapidly)
*Dragon Fang (a fight style that uses claw attacks and heavy grapples to overpower opponents)
*Void Unleashed (rarely seen; unleashes the true form of the Angel)

How the Armor Works
The Angel has limiters on his armor that control the flow of his energy and keeps him from falling victim to the dark void energy inside of him. Limiters 1 on the arms and legs control Energy attacks (such as the Beast energy attack). They change the shimmer on the armor. Violet is neutral for regular energy attacks. Red is Fire for burst attacks. Blue is Ice for cold attacks. Limiter 2 on his chest controls mutations. When lifted, the Angel can summon his wings or any other Dragon-like mutation.  The last limiter is on his back. It’s a fail safe if the first 2 limiters cannot revert to neutral. If all limiters are unlocked, the void energy inside him will start to take hold, and he’ll painfully turn into a fierce monster, that is a vampire for energy. 

(This is just a rough background about my character, Angel of Scars. I plan to post more later on)

The Mutant Whelps

Mutant Whelps are foul dragon-like creatures living on Dragthrn with the ability to instantly mutate to adapt to their environment and conditions. They were born from the residual void energy created from the fall of the Hel’Fire Dragon. The energy created a mutant strand that infects living creatures, warping their bodies into scale cladded beasts.

Most Whelps are generally mindless, almost like Zombies, making them reckless and relentless. Others are more intelligent, making them deadly hunters and unpredictable. However, no matter what level their intelligence, they all share a common goal; spread the mutant strand.

They seek to infect living creatures, especially Humans and intelligent humaniods, to create more Whelps. The mutation strand spreads through a specialized venom found in the Whelp’s blackened fangs, barbs, and claws. Once the strand is in the bloodstream, it will work its way to the host’s brain. There the host will lose their free will and become apart of the Whelp’s hive mind.

Whelps mutate to adapt. This occurs if their weak points are exposed or they sense they are losing. Their weak spots are under their thick scales. Their skin is soft and weak. Slayers use heavy weapons to break these scales to expose that weakness. Once exposed, Slayers have about a minute before the Whelp mutates.

Whelps are categorized by their body types and hunting patterns. Swarmers (like the Whelp in the picture above) are the most common form of Whelp.

They are formed from creatures of lower intelligence. They are a little taller than average Human. They are raptor like in appearance with a skull shaped covering masking their face. They are covered in thick scales that are tough as steel with sharp claws and fangs to match.

All Swarmers are equipped with projectile venom barbs on their knuckles of their main arms. These barbs are the size of a arrow, and fire at at the speed of a crossbow bolt. They are used as a last resort, for they grow back at a slow rate (5 minutes). Swarmers have various mutations such as wings or extra limbs. The most common mutation type is a third arm on their back call a Mutate Claw. This arm transforms to into different weapons like a barb launcher, claw, stinger, hook, blade, or whatever they feel is suited for their current conditions.

Swarmers hunt in packs of 50 or more. This is due to their weakness in strength and size. They are considered fodder units, meant to overwhelm prey, weaken prey, or distract prey so that a larger Whelp can finish the Swarmers may mutate into larger Whelps or Mass Whelp if they sense their pack is danger. They do this by absorbing each other, forming a mutation mass and hatching into a larger creature.

The Titanium Knight


Marcus, Slayer name Titanium Knight, is the head captain of the Slayers on Dragthrn. He is known for his brash leadership, leading squads of Slayers to fight to the bitter end against the Mutant Whelps (creatures mutated by dark residual energy of the Hel’Fire Dragon).
He cares not for cowards. He believes in ancient warrior tradition of return victorious or die on with honor. He known for saying, ” Cowards die by tooth and claw, so be like the beasts and show no mercy!”

His exo suit he is currently wearing is the Knight. It is a mod capable suit, allowing Marcus to change his battle tactics and status throughout battles. The suit alone increases his strength and resistance to blasts and fire. It sacrifices speed for defense. Marcus prefers to fight using a modified hammer cannon called Bone Breaker. It looks like the skull of a dragon mounted of a heavy shotgun. It is capable of breaking dragon scales and bones with a single smash, and can fire large explosive bolts of plasma.

Hel’Fire Drake, the Elder of the Void

Hel’Fire Drake…the name is feared by all Dragons and Dregons on Dragthrn. He is the Grim Reaper of Dragons. He rules the dimension called the Void’Lands, a realm connected to RealmLocke. Like other connected realms in RealmLocke, they are sealed off to world of the living (for their safety from whatever lives within these strange realms) until they are summoned through a ritual.

Hel’Fire is built like a western dragon. His body is covered in a skeleton that looks like the bones of a dragon. He has a large skull that outlines his serpent like head. His eyes are cat-like and glow yellow. The whites of his eyes are black. His bat-like wings are tattered. He is covered in a mix of oil black and blood red scales. At the tip of his tail is a scythe like blade. Fog rolls from his mouth with each breath he takes. In fact he uses this fog as his sign of his presence, to terrify his victims.

He controls an army of vial creatures known as Void Dragons. They feast upon the energy and essence of the living. Void Dragons are surrounded in a siphon like aura that looks like dancing shadows with long claws. Anything that touches or is caught by these claws starts to be drained of their energy. They also possess the ability of the Fear. Their irises turn pure white when using the Gaze of Fear, petrifying anyone that makes eye contact. Void Dragons, like Hel’Fire Drake, were meant to enforce the laws of the Dragons. If a Dragon breaks the law such as murder (killing another Dragon or killing settlers like Humans, Elves, or Hybrid), the Elders can call upon Hel’Fire from the Void’Lands to punish the criminal. He will take away their power, turning them to stone.

Hel’Fire is known for his disturbing personality. He acts detached from his emotions, but once he has a target, he suddenly becomes psychotic. He enjoys striking fear into others and loves tormenting his targets, slowly draining them. Most of the Elders are wary of him. He has too much power. He could easily overthrow them and wreak havoc and chaos in RealmLocke. They constantly must keep him in check, siphoning him of whatever energy he collects. Using Siphon Crystals, they can limit the time that the Void Elder can be out of his realm. Once he hits the limit, he’s sucked back into his realm.