Hana Blossom Rough Sketch

Hana Blossom Rough Sketch

This young naga is Hana Blossom. She’s half Cobra and Constrictor. She’s a Medical Alchemist specializing in potions, poisons, and elixirs.

She loves dancing, though she has no legs (kinda hard for her), and she loves tending to people. She hopes to be a full time Healer, but most people are too afraid to be treated by her. The whole snake body and the cobra hood kinda scare people away, believing Hana is Poisonous or she’s gonna eat them. Though she is poisonous and she does eat like a snake, Hana is very caring and gentle. Her knowledge of pressure points and alchemy help her treat just about any affliction or injury. Just a warning though, she’s a bit of a huger.