Samurai Jack is Back

A fanart sketch of the wandering samurai in a dystopian future, seeking a way back to the past to undue the future of the evil shape shifting master of darkness, Aku.

Samurai Jack is one of my favorite shows from my childhood. It was one of the many shows that got me hooked on drawing and sketching. The art style had this mixture of action and beauty. Some scenes had this comic book like appearance with huge battles and combat. Then other scenes would be toned down to allow for more emotion, letting you take in the scenery.

So when I heard Jack was back, I decided to sketch something up. This sketch was inspired by Jack’s new look. It has been several years since Jack was flung into thw future by the evil Aku. He looks like he’s been through hell. He’s covered  in scars and rags from numerous battles. He’s ready to end Aku’s tyranny, so he can finally rest and return to his homeland in the past.

Samurai Jack belongs Genndy Tartakovsky and Cartoon Network/Toonami


Fox Cosplay: Dark Jedi


This fox is wearing a costume inspired by Starwars The Force Awakens. She’s the opposite of my last fox cosplay sketch. She’s a dark jedi.

Her costume is not really based on anything. I focused on making her style more punk rock.

Cosplay Costume inspired by Starwars The Force Awakens by Disney

Fox Cosplay: Rebel Jedi


This fox is wearing a costume inspired by Star wars the Force Awakens. She’s a rebel jedi fighting for the light side of the force.

I based her costume off of Rey from the new movie, and mixed in some Starwars scavenger attire.

Cosplay Costume inspired by Starwars The Force Awakens by Disney

Fox Cosplay: Captian Amelia

Fox Cosplay: Captain Amelia, Treasure Planet


This fox’s costume was inspired by the captain of the star seas, Captain Amelia from Disney’s Treasure Planet.

Captain Amelia from Treasure Planet


Amelia in the movie is a feline like alien with a strict, no nonsense personality. I really love her sci fi, old fashion sea captain outfit. I tried to make a costume similar to hers, while a adding a few changes for some more flair. Overall, I think my sketch turned out pretty good.

Cosplay Costume inspired by Captain Amelia from Treasure Planet by Disney

Fox Cosplay: Fox McCloud

Fox Cosplay: Fox McCloud, Star Fox Adventures


This Fox is cosplaying as the coolest piolet in the Lylat System, Fox McCloud (Star Fox by Nintendo).

Fox McCloud from Star Fox (Star Fox Adventures version)


I based the costume off of the Star Fox Adventure game. I personally like that version better. I got nothing against the newer versions. It’s just the adventure version looks more fox like and cooler to me.

Anyways, the cosplay costume isn’t exactly like Fox’s. I changed a few things to make it more feminine for this fox girl. Overall, I think this sketch turned out pretty cool.

Cosplay Costume inspired by Fox McCloud from Star Fox series by Nintendo