Mermaid Reef

This painting was request by a friend of mine at work. She asked for a mermaid for her daughter as a Christmas present. So, I tried to go for a Disney vibe with some elements of the ocean mixed in. For example, her hair resembles the design of a jellyfish.

It took me a couple days to figure out the best design for this pic. I used several layers to get the shading and light of the background just right. Overall, I’m happy with how this painting turned out.

On another note, I’m not sure if I’ll be taking requests just yet, but I’ll be sure to post on here and my deviant art account if I plan to. 

Until then, Happy New Year’s! 


RealmLocke: the Hybreed

The Hybreed are animal-humanoids that have human-like forms with animal characteristics. There are two forms: Half-Blood and Full-Blood. Half-Bloods are human-like in appearance with some animal characteristics (ears, tail, markings, fur, etc). Full-Blood are animal-like in appearance with a human-like form.

Hybreed are categorized based on species and body form. The main Hybreed races are: Canine, Feline, Naga, Taurian, Merine, & Dregon.


**Dog or Wolf Related**

Wolves are the head of the Canines and rule over the majority of the Forest Hybreed. They are pack-oriented composing of Alphas, Betas, and Omegas. They are natural born hunters and warriors, thanks to their strong build and toughened attitudes.

Foxthra are group of outcast Canines, due to being persecuted as witches. Foxthra are best known for Fox Fire, specialized magical weaves that can create illusions and other spells. They excel in speed and agility, thanks to their light bone structure. Foxthra are natural born assassins and scouts. They are able to hide just about anywhere or as anyone thanks to glamour magic.


**Cat or Lion Related**

Lions are the head of the Felines and rule over a majority of the Jungle Hybreed. Lions work in prides made up of mostly females. Lion society is female dominated, females have the most power. All Lions are born hunters, excellent at stealth and archery.


**Snake bodied**

Naga includes any hybreed with a humanoid body upper half and a snake tail lower half. A majority of Nagas are snakes. They excel in alchemy thanks to their knowledge of venom and poison. Many Nagas go into the medical field, crafting potions and elixirs, and some even become message therapists, thanks to their knowledge of pressure points and strong muscular tail.


**related to centaurs**

Taurians includes any hybreed with a humanoid body upper half and a full animal body lower half. Centaurs are one of the best known taurians. They are very friendly race and usually non-hostile. They live in hidden forest cities like elves, and are known for their great knowledge of magic.


**Fish or Mermaid related**

Mermaids are the best known Merine. Like centaurs, they tend to be friendly, but some like to be mischievous or malicious. Mermaids are known for their healing hands and soothing voices, making them excellent healers. Mermaids are also known to lure or tempted travelers to their watery grave. Best way to tell if a mermaid is not malicious is to listen to their songs. If the song is slow and sad, they are trying to lead you to a watery grave.  If it’s more cheerful, then you’ve run into the friendlier version, who loves to help travelers.



Dregons are the decedents of the ancient dragons. They rule over all mythical creatures. Dregons are known for their relics and enchantments by the hybreeds. On the other hand, most humans believe Dregons are just as horrifying as their ancient ancestors. True or not, Dregons are generally friendly, aside from the Frost Dregons. Dregons are just as knowledgeable as elves, actually even more so since their heritage goes back to the dawn of elf and man.