New Prints! Wyverns, Dragons, and Undead Warriors! RealmLocke RedBubble

Been working on some new prints and tees for my RedBubble site (realmlocke-msw), and here is a few of those awesome pics!

Queen and Hatchling

A rare sight to see in the world of Monster Hunter. A mother Rathian caring for her baby Prince of the Skies, Rathelos.

Monster Hunter is one of my favorite game series with it’s awesome boss-like battles and combat system. So, I decided to draw something based on that series, but I wanted to do something that was the complete opposite of the games’ main premise (something serene; a rare sight).

This took me several layers to shade both monsters, and create a background.

Overall, I love how this pic turned out

Rathian and Rathelos belongs to Monster Hunter

Fan Art by me

Prints are available on RedBubble. Check it out by clicking the pictures or the link at the bottom of this post

Reigniting the Flames

The little dragon, with big attitude!

The little purple fireball, Spyro, is making his return in an awesome looking remake of his original PS Classic Trilogy!

For this pic, I decided to draw Spyro standing in front of a version of his is inner dragon, a representation of his attitude.

I thought it was an awesome way to describe this little badass dragon, and I can’t wait for the remake to come out!

Spyro belongs to Activision

Fan Art by me

Tee shirt versions of this pic are avaiable on my RedBubble. Check out the links by clicking the pictures or the link at the bottem of this post

Get’ith Wrecked Naive: Sir Daniel Leveled Up

Looks like Sir Dainel Fortesque leveled up from undead hero, to undead badass! lol

I based this drawing off the PS Classic game, MediEval. I combined elements from Sir Dainel’s orginal game with elements of Dark Souls to give him a more badass appearence. The armor design is a combination of Sir Dainel and Solaire (the Sun Bro of Dark Souls).

This drawing was created with a combination of brushes from my Art Flow app on my tablet and Photoshop on my Desktop.

Sir Dainel belongs to MediEval Playstation

Fan Art by me

Tee shirt versions of this pic are avaiable on my RedBubble. Check out the links by clicking the pictures or the link at the bottem of this post


All these awesome pics are now available on realmlocke-msw on RedBubble!

There’s also several other cool looking prints and merc of some of my original characters


Book Haven


A infinite library world where characters from all sorts of stories (books, graphic novels, and comics) can meet up before returning to the next part of their story. A statue of Athena, Greek God of Wisdom, stands with her head high in the center, representing the vast knowledge this world has to offer.


This was a birthday gift for my sister I made a while back. She wanted a picture that would represent her love of books. Her top three book series she liked were Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Shadowhunters. So, I decided to center the pic around Hermione Granger, Katniss Everdeen, and Clary Fairchild debating on how they got to this world. I also threw in some extra favorite characters for fun (see list at the bottom of this post).


In this world, we have Hermione discussing with Katniss about this world they suddenly appeared in, while Clary wonders if this world is the work of some demon. Luna the Black Cat (Sailor Moon) is sitting quietly on the table, wondering how this world involves her. She hopes Hermione can clear things up.

Belle (Beauty and the Beast) is acting as head librarian, stocking books among the endless shelves.

Calcifer the Fire Demon (Howl’s Moving Castle) gazes out from his perk-like torch wondering how he even got up here, but isn’t too worried. Atleast he’s away from that crazy witch of the waste.

Tohru and the Kyo wonder about the lobby, confused as to where they are. Tohru wonders if she can ask the Hermione, since she seems to know what’s going on. Meanwhile, Kyo is annoyed as usual. Tohru freaked out when they arrived and clinged to him, turning him into a cat.


This picture took me a few days to make. In Photoshop, I think I used a total of 20+ layers to complete the characters and background. I drew the characters to look similar to their original design with some added changes to fit my style of drawing.

Happy Birthday, sis! Hope you liked it! =)

FanArt by Michael Woolsey

1. Hermione Granger; Harry Potter
2. Katniss Everdeen; Hunger Games
3. Clary Fairchild; Shadowhunters
4. Belle; Beauty and the Beast
5. Luna the Black Cat; Sailor Moon
6. Calcifer the Fire Demon; Howl’s Moving Castle
7. Tohru Honda and Kyo Sohma; Fruits Basket