RealmLocke Designs Artist Alley NEXT WEEKEND

That’s right! Evansville Geek and Comic Con will be starting next weekend on the 25th-26th! You can find out more about the event on Evansville Museum’s website or follow them on Facebook under Evansville Museum of Art and Science Geek and Comic Con.

I’ve been working on getting my prints ready, and here’s a little preview of what I’ll have.

Postcard Size Prints: A mix of FanArt and some of my OCs

In this collection, theres a mix of old and new artwork. I took some old designs and changed up the border and backgrounds. You can see some of those changes by visiting my DeviantArt or my Instagram.


  1. Rathian and Rathelos and Palicos from Monster Hunter
  2. Dandy, Meow, QT from Space Dandy
  3. Katniss from Hunger Game
  4. Clairy from Shadow Hunters
  5. Hermione from Harry Potter
  6. Calcifer from Howl’s Moving Castle
  7. Tohru and Kyo from Fruits Basket
  8. 2B and Pod from NeiR Automata
  9. Naruto from Naruto Shippuden
  10. Jotaro and Star Platium from Jojo’s Bizarre Adeventures
  11. Kamina from Gurren Laggen
  12. Goku from Dragon Ball Z and Super
  13. Belle, Rapunzel, and Ariel from Disney
  14. Sir Daniel from PS1 MediEval
  15. Spyro from Spyro thr Dragon Reignited Trilogy


FANART BY ME, anbumsw


  1. Cyrus/AoS from Angel of Scars
  2. Remmy the Red Fox


***BUTTONS: SIZES FROM 1in to 1.5in

These Buttons include mainly FanArt designs and one adorable original design of my own. Concept art for the designs are on my Instagram.


  1. Crash from Crash N’Sane Trilogy
  2. Spyro from Spyro the Dragon Reignited Trilogy
  3. 2B from NieR Automata
  4. Palicos from Monster Hunter


FANART BY ME, anbumsw


Remmy the Red Fox



The bookmarks are lamenated featuring FanArt and Original works by me.


  1. Belle, Ariel, and Rapunzel belong to Disney
  2. Thor belongs to Marvel Comics
  3. Spyro belongs to Spyro the Dragon Reiginited Trilogy
  4. Rathian and Rathelos belong to Monster Hunter
  5. 2B belongs to NeiR Automata


FANART BY ME, anbumsw


  1. Fox by the Garden Fence
  2. Lumi Lox the Lantern Fox
  3. Angel of Scars the Reaper of Injustice
  4. Mermaid Reef



The greeting cards are a mix of multiple seasons and any occations. This batch here mainly features my orginals. I’ll post the rest later on this week.

Each card is blank inside and the backs have the title of the drawing and description.

***OCs and ORIGINALS FEATURED (from top left to right:

  1. Elegant Flower in Winter
  2. Elegant Princess
  3. In the Whisper of Winter
  4. Snow Fairy’s Poinsettia Garden
  5. Bewitching Black Cat
  6. Autumn Ballroom Dance
  7. Springtime Nymph Violet
  8. Sakura in Spring
  9. Flower Dress



I can’t wait til next weekend! It’s gonna be AWESOME!!!!!

CYA there!


Meowster Hunters: The Lovable Palicos

There’s nya meowster too tough fur a Meowster Hunter to tackle :3

When I think of Monster Hunter, a few things come to mind. There’s exploration and resource gathering, epic boss-like battles where timing is key, and several weapon types that dramatically change up gameplay (Great Swords are heavy and use charge-up attacks while Dual-Blades are combo focused). Throughout this game’s journey, there’s one group of characters that stick by your side through thick or thin. I’m talking of course about your lovable little cat companions, the Palicos.

Palicos are domesticated bipedal cat-like creatures that belong to a creature group dubbed Felynes. These cats serve as support characters to hunters, providing unique tools and gadgets to trap/stun monsters or buff hunters. They’re eager to help out where ever they can in a hunt, collecting resources or distracting monsters off of hunters. However, they can be lazy and take a cat nap or two while on the job (no pun intended), but when a major problem arises, they take action.


For this FanArt drawing, I wanted to capture the playful/cheerful attitude of these adorable little Felynes. For the character designed, there were many different Palicos to pick from, along with armors and weapons. I ultimately decided on three: Alloy (Middle), Hunter (Right), and Rathian (Left). These three armors seemed are some of the more well known ones, or at least ones I’ve used more often throughout the series. For the breeds, the black and white cat, traditional palico colors (Right), and calico seemed to stand out.

The pose for each Palico was based off of their gestures in Monster Hunter Generations (Prowlico Mode). The middle cat is doing the show off pose, the right cat is in sit position, and the left is doing the dance gesture.

For the background, I wanted something that matched Monster Hunters theme of fantasy. So, the background was designed to look like aged canvas, and the text was designed to be brush like (as if the cats themselves painted it). Finally, I added a fog and confetti for a dramatic entrance (kinda like they are saying “TA DAH!!!”).

Overall, I had tons of fun creating the designs of these characters, and I love how the final pic turned out.


Original Sketch was Posted on

Realmlocke_anbumsw (Instagram) and anbumsw (DeviantArt)


Palicos belong to Monster Hunter

FanArt by me


Rooftop Ruins View

NieR Automata 2B

The lovely android warrior, 2B, taking a break from her busy work of hunting robots to enjoy the view of the remains of an ancient human civilization.

NieR Automata is one of my top favorite games of 2017 from its awesome visuals and gameplay to its interesting story and beautiful soundtrack, and character progression

NieR Automata is an awesome combination of Yokotaro’s complex story writing with the high pace character action of Platium Games. The story divides itself into different playthroughs, adding new details and points of view as you switch between the playable cast (2B the warrior, 9S the scout, and A2 the renegade). I don’t wanna spoil the storyline for this, cause it’s definitely one that has to be seen for yourself.

I decided for this drawing to have 2B without her HUD blindfold on. I figured this would add some character to her face, as well as it just looks cute. This wasn’t an easy character to draw. It literally took me hours to draw 2B, especially due to the elaborate design on her gothic dress (so many lines! lol). Coloring and shading was just as long, but I had tons of fun working on this drawing.

Overall, I’m very happy with how the drawing turned out.

2B and Pod the Drone belong to NeiR Automata

FanArt by me


Original Post is on my instagram, realmlocke_anbumsw

Book Haven


A infinite library world where characters from all sorts of stories (books, graphic novels, and comics) can meet up before returning to the next part of their story. A statue of Athena, Greek God of Wisdom, stands with her head high in the center, representing the vast knowledge this world has to offer.


This was a birthday gift for my sister I made a while back. She wanted a picture that would represent her love of books. Her top three book series she liked were Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Shadowhunters. So, I decided to center the pic around Hermione Granger, Katniss Everdeen, and Clary Fairchild debating on how they got to this world. I also threw in some extra favorite characters for fun (see list at the bottom of this post).


In this world, we have Hermione discussing with Katniss about this world they suddenly appeared in, while Clary wonders if this world is the work of some demon. Luna the Black Cat (Sailor Moon) is sitting quietly on the table, wondering how this world involves her. She hopes Hermione can clear things up.

Belle (Beauty and the Beast) is acting as head librarian, stocking books among the endless shelves.

Calcifer the Fire Demon (Howl’s Moving Castle) gazes out from his perk-like torch wondering how he even got up here, but isn’t too worried. Atleast he’s away from that crazy witch of the waste.

Tohru and the Kyo wonder about the lobby, confused as to where they are. Tohru wonders if she can ask the Hermione, since she seems to know what’s going on. Meanwhile, Kyo is annoyed as usual. Tohru freaked out when they arrived and clinged to him, turning him into a cat.


This picture took me a few days to make. In Photoshop, I think I used a total of 20+ layers to complete the characters and background. I drew the characters to look similar to their original design with some added changes to fit my style of drawing.

Happy Birthday, sis! Hope you liked it! =)

FanArt by Michael Woolsey

1. Hermione Granger; Harry Potter
2. Katniss Everdeen; Hunger Games
3. Clary Fairchild; Shadowhunters
4. Belle; Beauty and the Beast
5. Luna the Black Cat; Sailor Moon
6. Calcifer the Fire Demon; Howl’s Moving Castle
7. Tohru Honda and Kyo Sohma; Fruits Basket