The Lumi Lox

Meet the Lumi Lox, a bioluminescent dog like animal found on RealmLocke. These cute little creatures light up to ward off many of the beasts roaming in the dark. Their tails resemble a bright, shimmering torch. They emit a bright white light when in danger, disorienting any enemies to make a quick eacape. Loxes are non hostile and are known for being friendly, behaving very similar to dogs. In fact, many Lumi Loxes are kept as pets and travel companions. 
Lumi Loxes are about the size of a corgi and are apart of a species called Lumis. The largest Lumi is known to be the size of a large wolf. They are called Luminox Wolves. The Luminox is stronger, but does not constantly emit light like Loxes. They instead emit powerful flash to blind and flank any enemy.

Art, story, and Character by Michael Woolsey


Caroline ‘ s Mistletoe Dress


Caroline is one of my old original characters. She’s a tan fox with a love of fancy and elegant fashion.

In this sketch, she’s wearing a holiday inspired dress, decorated with Mistletoe accessories.

Character and Art by Michael Woolsey

Spring Time


A calm forest path in the middle of spring.

I painted this for my grandmother a while back for her birthday. Her favorite season is spring. She loves the the colors and how beautiful everthing is. So I decided to make a pic about spring time here at home.

For this pic, I wanted the trees to be the focus. They are very colorful in the spring. I used ArtRage to make this like a painting. There are atleast 15 or more layers used in this pic. I focused on using only basic painting tools, not fill tools or selection tools. It took me several hours. I’m pretty happy on how it turned out.

Hope you had  a happy birthday, grandma!

Victory Pose



Just a fun sketch I drew during some downtime. I call this, “VICTORY!” I based this off of Final Fantasy and other RPG victory poses.

Not sure if this character is a victor of some random battle or just won some competition. Anyways, I really like how this one turned out.

Fox Cosplay: Dark Jedi


This fox is wearing a costume inspired by Starwars The Force Awakens. She’s the opposite of my last fox cosplay sketch. She’s a dark jedi.

Her costume is not really based on anything. I focused on making her style more punk rock.

Cosplay Costume inspired by Starwars The Force Awakens by Disney

Fox Cosplay: Captian Amelia

Fox Cosplay: Captain Amelia, Treasure Planet


This fox’s costume was inspired by the captain of the star seas, Captain Amelia from Disney’s Treasure Planet.

Captain Amelia from Treasure Planet


Amelia in the movie is a feline like alien with a strict, no nonsense personality. I really love her sci fi, old fashion sea captain outfit. I tried to make a costume similar to hers, while a adding a few changes for some more flair. Overall, I think my sketch turned out pretty good.

Cosplay Costume inspired by Captain Amelia from Treasure Planet by Disney

Fox Cosplay: Fox McCloud

Fox Cosplay: Fox McCloud, Star Fox Adventures


This Fox is cosplaying as the coolest piolet in the Lylat System, Fox McCloud (Star Fox by Nintendo).

Fox McCloud from Star Fox (Star Fox Adventures version)


I based the costume off of the Star Fox Adventure game. I personally like that version better. I got nothing against the newer versions. It’s just the adventure version looks more fox like and cooler to me.

Anyways, the cosplay costume isn’t exactly like Fox’s. I changed a few things to make it more feminine for this fox girl. Overall, I think this sketch turned out pretty cool.

Cosplay Costume inspired by Fox McCloud from Star Fox series by Nintendo