In the Whisper of Winter


In the Whisper of Winter

A Kirin, an eastern style unicorn, dressed in a winter cloak, walking about the snow covered floor of an old forest.

Goodbye autumn, and welcome Winter. I made this sketch a while back as a farewell to autumn. I focused on drawing something with a sense of elegance and peace. The character in this drawing is based off another Kirin I drew a while back.


Awaken Spring (a Kirin in awe of the first blooms of spring)

The dress in the winter sketch has been redesigned to be longer to be more suitable for the cold and snow. Also, the character is more deer like than the spring sketch (she has hooves instead of paws).

I plan to come back to this sketch and  color it. I’ll post it here when it’s done.


Bewitching Chimera Sketch


Just another Halloween Sketch. She’s a Chimera, composed of several different animals animals and mythical creatures (Deer, Bat, Demon, Antelope, and Dragon). Her Name…Rose.

I plan on coloring some of these sketches soon and adding some more storylines behind RealmLocke, once I get a break from my class projects. Until then, I’m gonna be busy getting my class work done.