Regal Autumn Ball


Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m finally done with my picture for this fall/thanksgiving.

In this picture, we have a lovely canine couple enjoying a night of dancing in an autumn decorated ballroom.

I wanted to do something this year that would represent fall and/or Thanksgiving. So, I decided on an old colonial style ballroom dance. Thanksgiving kinda has the old fashion charm, so I thought it would be a perfect fit. I focused on using mainly fall based colors (oranges, reds, yellows, etc) and added other elements of fall and Thanksgiving into the décor.

I based the characters off another picture I did a while back. Their names are Lia ( collie mix ) and Andrew ( German Sheppard mix ).

Characters and Art by Michael Woolsey


Elegant Flower Colored

Elegant Flower Colored

This cute vixen, Victoria, is enjoying the view of a small flower patch in her colonial dress.

I don’t usually draw my characters in long dresses, but I gotta say I love how this one turned out.

If you wanna see the original sketch, click this link: