Mermaid Reef

This painting was request by a friend of mine at work. She asked for a mermaid for her daughter as a Christmas present. So, I tried to go for a Disney vibe with some elements of the ocean mixed in. For example, her hair resembles the design of a jellyfish.

It took me a couple days to figure out the best design for this pic. I used several layers to get the shading and light of the background just right. Overall, I’m happy with how this painting turned out.

On another note, I’m not sure if I’ll be taking requests just yet, but I’ll be sure to post on here and my deviant art account if I plan to. 

Until then, Happy New Year’s! 


Caroline ‘ s Mistletoe Dress


Caroline is one of my old original characters. She’s a tan fox with a love of fancy and elegant fashion.

In this sketch, she’s wearing a holiday inspired dress, decorated with Mistletoe accessories.

Character and Art by Michael Woolsey

Reindeer Mistletoe Kiss


Andrew and Hope are two reindeer who have been attending a Christmas party. These two have been dancing for quite some time. When it came to the last slow dance, Andrew began to slowly waltz Hope over to the gazebo. The night sky dazzled with starlight over the snow covered hills. The pine trees closest to the gazebo twinkled with colorful lights. As the music reached its end, Andrew paused and gazed into Hope’s sapphire eyes.

He gave her a small smile and made a quick glance up to the gazebo’s roof. Hope looked confuse, but curiously looked up to see a bundle of mistletoe hanging above her. Turning back to Andrew, her face lite up. He gave her a small kiss. “Merry Christmas, Hope.” he smiled.

The two held hands for the rest of the night, slowly dancing and nuzzling under the pearl white spot light of the moon.

For this year’s christmas picture, i decided to bring back the romantic couples. This pic took several layers for both the characters and the background; the background alone was alittle more than 25 layers. Overall I’m pretty happy on this turned out. I hope, when I have more time, to post more photoshop drawings.

Until then….


Reindeer Mistletoe


I love christmas and the holiday season. Everything looks so awesome with all the decorations and lights. Also, the holidays always bring back great memories.

I’ve in such a festive mood lately, and have been sketching up some Christmas and holiday pictures. This one is a couple of reindeer nuzzling under the mistletoe.

I plan to upload more sketches soon, as well as some finished colored pics when I get the chance. Until then, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!