Caroline ‘ s Mistletoe Dress


Caroline is one of my old original characters. She’s a tan fox with a love of fancy and elegant fashion.

In this sketch, she’s wearing a holiday inspired dress, decorated with Mistletoe accessories.

Character and Art by Michael Woolsey


Secret of the Heart

Dragina EmberStone: Princess and the Beast?Image

Dragina EmberStone is a playful, strong willed Dregon Princess.

She is not your stereotypical princess. You know…the damsel in distress locked away in some tower guarded by a dragon awaiting prince charming to save her. NOPE! This princess is waits for no knight in shining armor, and she won’t be order around. She can hold her own, and won’t let anyone get her down. However, underneath this princess’s beauty hides a dark secret; beauty is a beast.

Secret of the Heart: Beauty is the Beast


Dragina is a barer of a mystical relic know as a “FireHeart,” an enchanted “DragonHeart.” DragonHearts possess the ancient raw power of the Dragons, granting the barer the ability to take on the form of the beast. The heart chooses its barer, and when the heart of the beast and the barer are one, the two are bound to one heart. The heart and the barer become a guardian, protector of the ancient power.

Dragina was forced to wear a FireHeart, transforming her into a fire-breathing beast under times of high stress (excitement, fear, anxiety, and even love). She sometimes transforms for no reason like when she when she rests or there’s a lunar or solar eclipse. She hasn’t a clue on how the relic works, or how to control it. All she knows is if she tries to get close to anyone, the beast emerges. When she is in beast form, she still has control for the most part, unless she is extremely stressed (fear, seriously injured). She fears losing control to the beast for the beast acts only on animal instincts. It seeks to protect its host, and will attack anything that is remotely threatening.

Dragina wishes to be free, to finally be able to make friends, and maybe find that “one” of her dreams.