A Lovely Night


This is a young vampire is named Morgan. She’s a Real Fan of the Night, especially Halloween Nights.

On Halloween, She invites guests to her luxurious mansion for a night of all hallows eve celebration. The manor is a flickering jack o lantern. The smell of pumpkin spice wine wafts in the air. The night sky is alive with the melodies of autumn.  “Such a Lovely Night, Wouldn’t You Agree?”

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you all have a great one.


Single Rose

by Michael Woolsey

She stood alone upon the shore
Her head tilted in sorrow.
The single rose she clasped
Was all she had left.
It was a single reminder
Of that lonesome morning.

The calm waves softly sweeped
Passing her with each breath.
A single sunray glimmered
Embracing the rose with warmth.
She stood alone upon the shore
The single rose was all she clasped.

This was just something I wrote for my creative writing class to practice writing lines and turns, and I thought I’d share it with you.

Taking Finals

Sorry everyone for the inactivity. I’m getting ready for my fall finals and I haven’t had much time for typing or drawing. I’m currently working on writing a report and a web project for my classes, as well as studying for 4 exams.

Hopefully when these finals are over with, I’ll find some time to post some new posts.

Until then,



Angel of Scars, Cyrus, Head Model WIP

Just finished the head for my Cyrus model. This took me forever to construct (I worked on this for about 4 or 5 days, just deleting, starting over, and adjusting). 

Here’s what it looks like:



Not too bad for my first head, if I do say so myself =D

The hardest part in working with this head, was creating his horns, head plate, and his webbed ears. 

I’m not completely do with this head yet. I still need to add eyelids and eyelash areas.

Other than that, I’m pretty excited about how this turned out =D

I can’t wait to finish the rest of this model.