The Mutant Whelps

Mutant Whelps are foul dragon-like creatures living on Dragthrn with the ability to instantly mutate to adapt to their environment and conditions. They were born from the residual void energy created from the fall of the Hel’Fire Dragon. The energy created a mutant strand that infects living creatures, warping their bodies into scale cladded beasts.

Most Whelps are generally mindless, almost like Zombies, making them reckless and relentless. Others are more intelligent, making them deadly hunters and unpredictable. However, no matter what level their intelligence, they all share a common goal; spread the mutant strand.

They seek to infect living creatures, especially Humans and intelligent humaniods, to create more Whelps. The mutation strand spreads through a specialized venom found in the Whelp’s blackened fangs, barbs, and claws. Once the strand is in the bloodstream, it will work its way to the host’s brain. There the host will lose their free will and become apart of the Whelp’s hive mind.

Whelps mutate to adapt. This occurs if their weak points are exposed or they sense they are losing. Their weak spots are under their thick scales. Their skin is soft and weak. Slayers use heavy weapons to break these scales to expose that weakness. Once exposed, Slayers have about a minute before the Whelp mutates.

Whelps are categorized by their body types and hunting patterns. Swarmers (like the Whelp in the picture above) are the most common form of Whelp.

They are formed from creatures of lower intelligence. They are a little taller than average Human. They are raptor like in appearance with a skull shaped covering masking their face. They are covered in thick scales that are tough as steel with sharp claws and fangs to match.

All Swarmers are equipped with projectile venom barbs on their knuckles of their main arms. These barbs are the size of a arrow, and fire at at the speed of a crossbow bolt. They are used as a last resort, for they grow back at a slow rate (5 minutes). Swarmers have various mutations such as wings or extra limbs. The most common mutation type is a third arm on their back call a Mutate Claw. This arm transforms to into different weapons like a barb launcher, claw, stinger, hook, blade, or whatever they feel is suited for their current conditions.

Swarmers hunt in packs of 50 or more. This is due to their weakness in strength and size. They are considered fodder units, meant to overwhelm prey, weaken prey, or distract prey so that a larger Whelp can finish the Swarmers may mutate into larger Whelps or Mass Whelp if they sense their pack is danger. They do this by absorbing each other, forming a mutation mass and hatching into a larger creature.


The Shadows of Crimson: Creatures of the Dark

In RealmLocke, especially on the mainlands, there are creatures that lurk about the shadows, attacking out of nowhere and leaving no trace. These are the Shadows of the Crimson, nasty creatures with an appetite for fear and souls.

Shadows have a variety of forms from the Crawler (a swarm creature that relentlessly overwhelms targets) to the Colossus (giants that block out sunlight for advancing shadows or they open rifts). The most well known and feared are the Stalkers.

Stalkers look like a starved creature, whose bones are protruding through its quill covered body. They look like a humanoid rat with long quill covered ears (Almost rabbit like, but they look more like horns). Their eyes are large and red, no iris or pupil, or whites. They have no mouth. Their claws are long and thin like knives, and they tend to run on all fours. They feast upon fears and souls, harvesting them for their Queen, Nothica (she uses fear and souls to stabilize her beauty)

Stalkers hide in the shadows, following around potential victims. They remain unseen until they strike. They emit an aura that induces fear in their victims. They seek to reap the fear, and try to push victims to the brink of breaking down in terror. Once the victim is too terrified, Stalkers unleash a wave of energy that causes everything around them to freeze. This is how they are able to attack without leaving any evidence. Then they pounce on the victim, staring them down with their strange eyes. They draw the fear out of the victim into an essence form, and then disappear. The victim will have no memory of the event. (So how do people know of their existence? Simple…not everyone is forgets the attack. Some can withstand the aura, or some witnesses are able to see the Stalkers.)

If a Stalker is revealed, it will become hostile, attacking who ever saw them. Swarms of Stalkers will join in to extinguish the witness. They will pin the witness down, and harvest their soul.

Stalkers and other Shadows (aside from the Colossus) only have one weakness, Sunlight or Moonlight. They take damage from normal weapons, but unless they are hit by Sunlight or Moonlight, they will regenerate. The light seems to burn them, preventing them from using their powers or regenerating. Once hit with light, they must be destroyed before they dive into the shadows to heal.

Sun Flares and Light enchanted weapons are the best course of action when dealing with Shadows. Their eyes are their weakest points and are easy to blind. If you don’t blind them or avoid their eyes, they will paralyze you. Be quick, stay in the light, and avoid their eyes and stay out of the shadows

Wind Walker: Speed Demon Exo


Model: Aero V50
Style: Gust Glider Dragon; a Dragon known for riding the winds to increase its speed for hunting and avoiding attacks.

Armor: Light Titanium; lightens the armor for agility, but decreases defense

1. Whirlwind Repeating Rifle; a fast firing conjure gun, built to fire semi automatically. It’s lightweight for agility, and for decreased kickback. Runes it specializes with: Wind, Lightening, Fire, and Metal.

2. Raptor Knife; Standard arm mounted knife for close range combat and quick strikes.

1. Hit and Run; avoiding damage while taking quick shots or strikes on a target
2. Pursue; chase down the target while relentlessly attacking.

The Wind Walker is a scout/ special ops exo built to pursue fast moving enemies or provide distractions for heavier exos. The exo moves about the ground using special orb treads called Guild Treads. They work similar to how skates work. The treads allow the exo to move across most terrains with ease and speed. The support braces on its legs brace the weight of its body.

These are lightweight fighters, not meant to fight in close quarters for long periods of time. The exo can run at high speeds. This allows it too cover more field then most of the other exos. They mainly play the role of scouts, mapping out a field or marking locations of targets. It is meant to strike fast, and even pursue fleeing enemies. The gun it carries fires quick bursts of rune energy, excellent for rapidly firing while on the run.

The major down fall to this exo is its defense. It relies heavily on rune powered shields, and once they are depleted, the pilot is exposed. The armor cannot survive too many hits, before shutting down.

Overall, its speed and agility make it a hard target to hit, and it is a relentless striker

RL Exos: Rune Exo


The RL Exos are a line of Heavy Armor Mechs designed to handle tougher opponents or larger monsters. This model is the Rune Exo MK5. It is an assault based model built to charge into battle. The Turbin Conjuror on its left arm allows for high speed rune casting. It’s is equipped with a Rune Chamber to reload after a rune is drained. The Graple arm is meant for grasping and wielding the Exo’Cleaver, a giant battle blade. This model is overall light weight and built to be quick.

Fir’Nova: City of Salamanders


Fir’Nova: City of Salamanders
“This mountain serves as the Heart of our very way of life. It’s thermal energy flows through the veins of all mountains, bringing life to this land we call home.” Elder of Fire, Fir’Nova

Fir’Nova is the city of the Fire’Born Dregons, built around the northern most and largest volcanic vent on the island known as the Eternal Hearth, the heart of the mountains. The city is known as the city of salamanders, the home of masters of fire and flame. The city is constructed with several pipelines throughout, proving the city with an ever flowing supply of thermal energy. The city also houses several small forges, and one major forge located within the Palace of the Eternal Forge on the top of the Eternal Hearth. It’s major export is metal crafting, the finest in all of Dragthrn.

Many travel to this city to learn the trick of the forge, especially to learn to craft Nova Scale material. Nova Scale is a metal material formed from minerals in the Eternal Hearth. If crafted properly, it is capable of high durability and protection against extreme heat.

Many others travel to the city of salamanders to learn the history of the Elder Dragoness the city was found after. Fir’Nova, the Elder of Fire, discovered the power of Dragon Fire on top of the Eternal Hearth. She learned to harness the power of the bellowing flames, and created the 4 Dragon forms of the element: Fire Breather, Torch Fist, Flame Forger, and Hearth Mender. She established the Eternal Hearth to be home to all Fire’Borns, where they could learn the master the flames of the volcanic vent. In her honor and out of respect, the Fire’Borns named their newly found home after her. Within the palace grounds of the Palace of Eternal Hearth, there is a temple with a shrine to the Dragoness. Many followers of the fire arts train within the temple in hopes of learning the secrets that the Elder discovered.

The palace grounds of the Eternal Hearth are home to the royals, as well as the largest forge guild, Masters of the Forge, and many other well known guilds: Nova Salamanders (fire casters) and Knights of the Sun (elite warriors and militia). The royals live in the Hearth district near the palace. The major guilds are established in the Nova district.

Besides the major guilds of the city, there are several smaller guilds located throughout the city. Most if them are located in the Fire and Ember districts. Those in the Fire district are mostly guilds who set off on various quests or mercenary work that come into the city. These guilds are known for keeping a clean slate in the eyes of the city’s dwellers, and usually aid in law enforcement. The most distinct guilds here are: Nova Force and Order of Fir’Nova. Both guides are known for their elite mercenaries, but neither one is better than the other. These two are in constant competition to prove who is the better guild. They usually hold a tournament for all guilds to prove the strength and honor of their members.

For guilds dwelling within the Ember district, life is all about deceit. These are darker, more cutthroat guilds. A majority of them are assassin, thief, and cutthroat mercenary guilds. They terrorize and rob from the locals, as well as stir up trouble in the Fire district. The most distinct guilds here are: the Ice Titans and the once powerful Vengeful Scars. The Ice Titans are a guild of radical Frost’Borns, who seek to overthrow the city in the name of the Frozen King, Tun’Thra. Originally, this guild was a small cutthroat guild of nothing but petty thieves. It was not until Tun’Thra took control of the Frozen Lands and the Frozen Abyss, that the group became a major threat. Tun’Thra declared war on all nonFrost’Borns, increasing this guilds hostility. This guild was the reason the most feared and respected Vengeful Scars was no more. The Vengeful Scars were a secret guild that kept all guilds in line. Their assassins were the elite of the elite, appearing and disappear without a trace. It was all because of their leader, the War’Torn Dragon. He was notorious for the shadow strike, attacking and leaving no trace of an attack. The day the War’Torn disappeared, was the day the guild fell. The Ice Titans took advantage of the orderless guild, destroying everything. No one knows what ever happen the the War’Torn or why he left, but many to this day blame him for the guild’s fall.

Overall, Fir’Nova serves as a star in trade. It is home to the largest supply of thermal energy and forge materials. It’s also one of the most powerful in military power compared to the Earth and Frost Cities.

The image above depicts the city’s gateway to the Eternal Hearth from the Fire district. The palace is located at the top of the mountain. The mountain has been hollowed out around the thermal energy, and and there are many tunnels to several of the forges on the mountains.

This is just a sketch concept, I plan to create a better concept in color later on.
Art and story by Michael Woolsey

Legend of the War’tron Dragon and the Guild of the Vengful Scars


Before Cyrus became the Angel of Scars, the mask he wears once belonged to someone else. Its owner was the notorious lead assassin of the Vengeful Scars. He was the War’torn Dragon.

A master of the shadows, the War’torn Dragon was a name feared by all Dregon Guilds. The assassin was known to strike fear into his targets, driving them to madness. Once the target is broken of their sanity and wits, he strikes out of no where. His technique is so flawless, it is said that he strikes like a flash of lightening, earning him the nickname Shadow Wraith.

With the War’torn as the leader of the Vengeful Scars, the guild became the most feared throughout the kingdoms. The guild served as head of the enforcers, and for a time, they maintained the balance amongst the guilds…That is until the Ice Titans appeared.

The radical Frost’borns of the Ice Titans believed that all will serve the Frozen Abyss. The guild began reaching havoc throughout the kingdoms, tearing down guilds who opposed them. Out of fear, many of the fallen guilds turned to the Vengeful Scars for help. The War’torn agreed, and may it his sole mission too cut off the head of the Ice Titans…their leader Frozon. He ventured forth with a small squad of the highest assassins to take down Frozon, before his guild could make it to the City of Flames; their home. That day, would be the last time anyone would ever see the War’torn.

The squad returned with nothing but the mask of their beloved leader. When he went to confront Frozon, he never returned. No knew why he disappeared, but one thing was obvious…The guild was lost without their leader, and soon the Ice Titans would come to wipe them out.

Most of the guild fled into hiding, knowing they could not face their enemy if they could take out their leader. Some tried to oppose Frozon and his forces, only to be flattened in his path of destruction. The guild was in ruins, shattered into the shadows.

No one knows where the legendary assassin disappeared to or why his mask was left behind. Some say he was taken prisoner, and locked away in the frozen mines of the Frozen Abyss, never to be seen or heard of again.

“Those who rely on the darkness are doomed to fall victim to its shadows.”
War’torn Dragon’s code of the Vengeful Scars

The Weapon he carries is called “Faith Sisters’ Scissors.” The blade literally cuts through the body’s life source. Using magical weaves, it cuts without leaving a mark, phasing through objects. It can disable muscles, nerves, and even the brain.

Fir’Thra: Elder Dragon of Fire & Flame

Fir'Thra: Elder Dragon of Fire & Flame

This is a sketch of the Elder Dragon of Fire & Flame, Fir’Thra.
She is the rular of the Forge and Creator of its fire. The Breath of Fire, the most basic dragon breath skill, was master and originated by her.

She is known for her warm-hearted kindness and firery spirit. She also has a volcanic temper, meaning don’t get on her bad side.

DragonHearts: Ancient Relics of the Beasts

What are they?
DragonHearts, also known as the Hearts of the Ancients, are crafted stone relics possessing ancient raw power of the Dragons. These stones were crafted by the Elder Dragons near the of end of the Age of Beasts, a time where dragons were feared as giant furious beasts. The stones were composed of 4 Elder scales; Fir’Thra the Fire Dragon, Aquaninia the Water Dragon, Thundarous the Wind and Storm Dragon, and StoneSkin the Dragon of Stone and Earth. Each stone is forged in the Fires of Fir’Thra, Cooled in the waters of Aquaninia, shaped by the hammer of StoneSkin, and refined by the winds of Thundarous. The combination grants the stone with the gift of Beastial Form.
Several DragonHearts were made, each with a special gem, soul gem, fused at its core. The soul gem, harbors the essence of a dragon and its element or power. The gem connects the heart of the stone and the heart of the barer, thus creating the bond between the two.
What do they do?
DragonHearts create guardians by bonding with its barer. Guardians protect the power of the stone from those who seek to use it for dark purposes. When the barer calls upon the stone or experiences some extreme emotion, the stone transforms the barer into beastial form. In this form, the barer gains immense strength and power, as well as the natural traits of the dragon their soul gem was based off.  In some cases, the stone takes complete control over the barer, creating a feral dragon with only animal instincts. This happens when the barer is in extreme peril or fear, and can lead to the barer never reverting to original form.

RealmLocke: the Hybreed

The Hybreed are animal-humanoids that have human-like forms with animal characteristics. There are two forms: Half-Blood and Full-Blood. Half-Bloods are human-like in appearance with some animal characteristics (ears, tail, markings, fur, etc). Full-Blood are animal-like in appearance with a human-like form.

Hybreed are categorized based on species and body form. The main Hybreed races are: Canine, Feline, Naga, Taurian, Merine, & Dregon.


**Dog or Wolf Related**

Wolves are the head of the Canines and rule over the majority of the Forest Hybreed. They are pack-oriented composing of Alphas, Betas, and Omegas. They are natural born hunters and warriors, thanks to their strong build and toughened attitudes.

Foxthra are group of outcast Canines, due to being persecuted as witches. Foxthra are best known for Fox Fire, specialized magical weaves that can create illusions and other spells. They excel in speed and agility, thanks to their light bone structure. Foxthra are natural born assassins and scouts. They are able to hide just about anywhere or as anyone thanks to glamour magic.


**Cat or Lion Related**

Lions are the head of the Felines and rule over a majority of the Jungle Hybreed. Lions work in prides made up of mostly females. Lion society is female dominated, females have the most power. All Lions are born hunters, excellent at stealth and archery.


**Snake bodied**

Naga includes any hybreed with a humanoid body upper half and a snake tail lower half. A majority of Nagas are snakes. They excel in alchemy thanks to their knowledge of venom and poison. Many Nagas go into the medical field, crafting potions and elixirs, and some even become message therapists, thanks to their knowledge of pressure points and strong muscular tail.


**related to centaurs**

Taurians includes any hybreed with a humanoid body upper half and a full animal body lower half. Centaurs are one of the best known taurians. They are very friendly race and usually non-hostile. They live in hidden forest cities like elves, and are known for their great knowledge of magic.


**Fish or Mermaid related**

Mermaids are the best known Merine. Like centaurs, they tend to be friendly, but some like to be mischievous or malicious. Mermaids are known for their healing hands and soothing voices, making them excellent healers. Mermaids are also known to lure or tempted travelers to their watery grave. Best way to tell if a mermaid is not malicious is to listen to their songs. If the song is slow and sad, they are trying to lead you to a watery grave.  If it’s more cheerful, then you’ve run into the friendlier version, who loves to help travelers.



Dregons are the decedents of the ancient dragons. They rule over all mythical creatures. Dregons are known for their relics and enchantments by the hybreeds. On the other hand, most humans believe Dregons are just as horrifying as their ancient ancestors. True or not, Dregons are generally friendly, aside from the Frost Dregons. Dregons are just as knowledgeable as elves, actually even more so since their heritage goes back to the dawn of elf and man.