Hana Blossom Rough Sketch

Hana Blossom Rough Sketch

This young naga is Hana Blossom. She’s half Cobra and Constrictor. She’s a Medical Alchemist specializing in potions, poisons, and elixirs.

She loves dancing, though she has no legs (kinda hard for her), and she loves tending to people. She hopes to be a full time Healer, but most people are too afraid to be treated by her. The whole snake body and the cobra hood kinda scare people away, believing Hana is Poisonous or she’s gonna eat them. Though she is poisonous and she does eat like a snake, Hana is very caring and gentle. Her knowledge of pressure points and alchemy help her treat just about any affliction or injury. Just a warning though, she’s a bit of a huger.


A Witch’s Vow

A Witch's Vow

Suzuki, a Long Earred Fox, was born with the blood of witch and a demon. She and her mother, Suzan, have been in hiding for years, trying to escape the Templars’ Witch Hunt and Suzuki’s demonic father.

Suzuki has been trained by her mother in the supernatural arts. She is able to conjure spells like lightening, ghost force, and demon banishments. They use these skills to cleanse and banish darkness.

During a cleansing, Suzan tried to close a dark portal, only to be hexed and dragged in by a large clawed hand. Suzuki was powerless to save her mother. It was like someone put a leash on her and held her back. She watched helplessly as she disappeared into the dark abyss. Demonic laughter echoed from behind the dark vail. She recognized it as her father’s voice. He finally found them, and he got what he wanted…Suzuki’s mother. Before the portal closed, a locket fell out…Her mother’s locket. The grip on Suzuki faded and she fell to her knees, tears streaming down her face. Her eyes were filled with sadness and rage. She grasped the locket, holding it close to her heart. She cursed into the air and vowed she’d do whatever it takes find her father, and save her mother.

Undead Paladin

Undead Paladin

This Undead Paladin is called a Gate Knight, a guardian whose soul and body is fused to an enchanted body of armor. He is able to sacrifice his left arm (Key Gauntlet) to open a portal to the underworld.

One cut from his broad blade, Sender, is all it takes to brand his opponent for the underworld. The blade leaves a branding that triggers a thousand clawed hands appear to drag the soul to the underworld.

The Gate Knight is extremely strong, wielding the 2 handed blade like a one handed sword. He’s incredibly fast for one who is dead, and he barely feels pain and doesn’t need to breath.. The only downfall is when the portal is open his body is linked to it (left arm creates spiritual connection). This limits him in how far he can travel from the portal. It also limits him on defense, for he can only use his right arm to wield a weapon.