About Author

Check out my more of my artwork at my DeviantArt and Instagram. Prints and other merchandise available on RedBubble

About Me

My name is Michael. My friends call me Mike. I love to sketch and draw my own characters and design stories behind them. I draw all sorts of things like Manga, Anthro/Furry and FanArt. I’m a big Anime fan and Love video games. My favorite Animes/Mangas are DBZ, Spice&Wolf, Durarara, etc. My favorite games are Ookami, Monster Hunters 3 Ultimate, Halo, Skyrim, and Kingdom Hearts. My favorite movies are Miyazaki Films and many others.

Anime was my biggest influence for drawing. I just love the style! I always wanted to be able to draw like that, so I started drawing chracters from my favorite shows and started finding books on how to draw. Overtime, I started moving away from Fanart to drawing characters of my own. I started learning to use Photoshop, using layers and brushes to bring color and effects to my drawings.

I draw a lot of my inspiration from mythology and folklore, particularly Japanese mythology. My favorite mythical creature is the Kitsune. I love how they can use illusions to hide their true forms. I prefer to mostly draw a combination of manga and furry. I like this combo for portraying expressions and emotions on my characters (I think ears and tails add more emphasis to the character’s emotion). You can check out some of my pics on my Deviantart Gallary and my Instagram.


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