Smash Bros: Who Should Join the Fray

What’s up everyone!  I thought for this post I’d start a discussion about one of my favorite Wii U games, Smash Bros, and the dlc coming out for it.

For those who aren’t familiar with Smash Bros, it’s a fighting game that takes characters from different Nintendo games and pits them against each other. The objective is to knock out the other players’ characters via throwing them off the stage or sending them skyrocketing off the stage. Each time a character is hit, their damage percentage increases (all players start at 0%). The more the percentage is, the more likely the character won’t recover from being thrown or sent flying off stage.

Anyways, I’m excited for all the dlc coming to Smash Bros. I’ve already got the most recent characters: Mewtwo, Ryu, Roy, and Lucas. It’s awesome that Nintendo is bringing back some old faces, as well as new ones.

Now the strangest thing I heard they’re getting ready to add is one I never thought they would…

Dadada Dah dah dah dadidah! Cloud Strife of FFVII :o

Rejoice all you anime fan boys and girls! You’re favorite anime pretty boy with a Buster Sword, Cloud Strife, Storms into Battle :XD:

I don’t know whether to call this bs or freaking awesome. I mean, Cloud isn’t a Nintendo character or in any Nintendo games I can think of. Personally, I wish they would have made Magnus from Uprising be playable instead of an assist. Still…it’s kinda cool they are allowing characters outside Nintendo to join fray.

With that note, I was wondering…what characters you guys would like to join the fray? I know voting has stopped, but I’m still curious. It can be from any video game, not just Nintendo. Here’s my top 6 characters and reasons why:

1. Krystal from Starfox Adventures

She has a staff and weird magic powers (as long as they use the Dinosaur planet version). It kinda separates her from the rest of the Starfox cast. Plus she could have a different Final Smash like Super Earthquake or Summon some dino mount (I’m kinda tired of all the Starfox characters having that Land Master as their Final Smash).

2. Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes.

MOE! Can’t go wrong with everyone’s favorite otaku assassin with a beam katana and his favorite attacks like Strawberry off the shortcake.

3. Wonder Red from Wonderful 101

Diplomacy has failed! Team UNITE UP! Nuff Said :XD:

4. Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog

I want the old Knuckles. Not the one from Sonic Boom. I want the easily angered knuckle head, not the dimwitted knuckle head. We need more brawlers to even out the number of weapons to unarmed. Plus, he’s a powerhouse character.

5. Rouge the Bat from Sonic

The Chun-Li of furries :XD:. She’d be a great addition to the brawlers list.

6. Impa from Hyrule Warriors

She carries a Gaint’s Knife and Uses Water jutsu. What more could you want?

What Characters would you like to see? List ’em in the comments and give your reasons for why they should enter the fray.

Hope you all are having a wonderful November! Until next time, cya around!