A Lovely Night


This is a young vampire is named Morgan. She’s a Real Fan of the Night, especially Halloween Nights.

On Halloween, She invites guests to her luxurious mansion for a night of all hallows eve celebration. The manor is a flickering jack o lantern. The smell of pumpkin spice wine wafts in the air. The night sky is alive with the melodies of autumn.  “Such a Lovely Night, Wouldn’t You Agree?”

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you all have a great one.


Thrill of the Night


Bailey forgot there was a full moon out, and well…POOF! Her curse kicked in. She’s now covered in wolf hair and her costume is in tatters. Could things be any worse? Actually, no…not really. Cause instead of freaking out over her sudden transformation, she decided to take advantage of it. Originally she was a pop dancer, but now she’s a pop dancing werewolf. A true Thrill of the Night! XD

This pic was just a fun little thing I wanted to do for this Halloween. It’s a play off of Two of Michael Jackson’s famous songs Thriller and Smooth Criminal (The costume and style of the pic). Hope you all have a Great Halloween!!!