Cuddle Selfie on the Pier


A Chibi Couple on a date on the local pier, capturing their favorite moments through selfies.

The girl is a collie and the boy is a German Shepard.

I think I used atleast 20+ layers in photoshop to make this. I player around with some options and filters to achieve the ocean background. Overall, I think this pic turned out pretty good.


Marcus Dulgher Exo Suit No Helm


Marcus Dulgher is one of the top Slayers in Dragthrn and is one of the leaders of the Slayers. He’s known for his bravery and serious personality. His suit is built for support and strength to aid him in wielding his hammer, Bone Breaker.

Marcus’ last name means Carpenter in Romanian, due to his farher being a head carpenter of his hometown. His armor was originally named Titanium Knight, but I’m thinking of changing that.