Fire Fury


This is Fire Fury, a vigilante of the Fi’Nova City. She’s known for being a show off. She’s always appearing in a burst of Flames and loves to taunt her opponents. She uses her skills with her blade, Flint Strike (a sword that bursts into flames when struck) to defeat her enemies.


Thunder Wolf Challenger


This sketch was inspired by the monster, Zinogre, from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate by Capcom.

This character is a hunter/warrior looking for her next challenger. She’s carrying her sword called Shocker, a lightning rod tricked out into a blade with fangs.

I wanted to work on armor, so I played around with this character’s design. Overall I think it turned out pretty good.

Fantasy Spiral Swirl Dress


This sketch is of a Shiba Inu in a Fantasy Style dress. Since some Shibas have a curly tail, I decided to make that the theme of her dress. She calls this dress her Spiral Swirl Dress.

I’ve been practicing drawing new outfits and designs for characters. I’m pretty happy on how this one turned out. I hope to have more to post soon.