Vinnessa Burning Bloom Mode


Another Sketch of Vinnessa the Sun Vixen, a character from my story Vulpe of Flames. I changed her outfit to have more of a modern flair.

This sketch shows off her power unleashed form she calls Burning Bloom. This form unleashes extremely powerful weaves of magical energy in the form of Fox’Fire. She casts light based attacks that can incinerate and putify dark based elements. Her spells are amplified in this form, as well as her speed and power. The energy is so immense that it causes her hair and fur to flair up like flames.

The downfall to this form is the strain it puts on her body. If she tries to maintain this form for too long, she’ll eventually lose control or pass out. The longest she can stay in this form is up to 8 minutes.

Character and Art by Michael Woolsey