Steampunk Adventurer Caroline


This is one of my old characters from my DA gallery, Caroline the fox. She’s a classy lady and loves to show it. The outfit she has today is a mix between a captains uniform and classy victorian.


Clockwork Victorian


This lovely lady is Alice. She’s showing off her new Steampunk inspired dress called Classy Clockwork Ruby. It’s a mix of old Victorian fashion and clockwork accessories.

This pic was based off a sketch I did a while back. I don’t draw much steampunk, but I’m pretty pleased on how this turned out for my first try.

Steampunk Sketch


So I wanted to try something different, so I gave the Steampunk style a try. This quick sketch is a girl wearing an old Victorian style dress with a clock work inspired necklace and hat. For my first try at this style, this pic turned out pretty cool.

I think I’m gonna color this one on photoshop later on.

Sakura in Spring


Sakura, the white kitsune, watching the cherry blossoms in her favorite forest.

I love the spring time. Everything is so light and colorful, and not to mention warmer outside (so tired of the freezing weather lately). So, I wanted to draw something that represents spring.

Art and Character by: Michael Woolsey