Perler Calico


A cute little Calico Girl carrying her favorite book. This is my first Chibi character design out of perler beads. I got alittle fancy with this one. I’m pretty happy on how this one turned out.


Perler Kitsune Mask


Just something I did for fun. It’s a perler charm design I based off of the Kitsune Masks or fox masks from different folklore and stories.

This is my first time working with perler beads, and I gotta say I didn’t do too bad.

The Sub Zero Prince: Ice’Zik


Ice’Zik is Tun’Thra ‘ s (the newest Frozen King) step son and Cyrus’ older step brother. He’s known to be cold and has a stare that can only compare to a parent scolding a child.

His father died when he was still a hatchling (young child in Dregon). He was too young to take the throne, so Tun’Thra took over, as well as married his mother. Throughout his childhood he tried to live up to the new king’s expectations, but at every turn he failed. The new Frost King was obsessed about his first son, Cyrus.

Ice’Zik harbors much hatred for his younger step brother.  Cyrus has so much potential power, yet he refuses it and suppresses it. The mere thought of this angers Ice’Zik.  He should have that power, not that half Frost’Born. Cyrus is nothing more than a failed project, and Ice’Zik intends to make him suffer.

Ice’Zik looks to challenge Cyrus and remind him that he’s nothing more than a monster. His favorite quote is, “Look at your hands, brother. They are those of a monster’s. Meant for destruction. Unfit to hold the hands of another.”