Zio the White Wolf of Legend (sketch)


Zio was the original hero who faced the dark goddess, Nothica, years ago. In RealmLocke he is known as the White Wolf of Legend, an icon among the canine hybrids, especially the wolves. Within the capital city of Luneman City,   is the garden called White Moon.  A statue depicting Zio in humanoid form standing next to his feral wolf form can be found here. The canines claim that this garden is where Zio was granted the power of the Moon Caster gauntlet from the Wolf Goddess.

Zio has the ability to summon pure energy in the form of light called Judgement Light. This light burns those who are followers of darkness. It can also banish dark souls. Zio can manipulate the light around almost any object and turn it into a tool of light; such as enchanting a sword or transforming his gauntlet into a blade.