Nothica the Trickster


The beautiful and elegant Vixen, Nothica, is well known for her magnetic and flirty personality. It’s like there’s an aura about her that draws people in like a moth to a flame. 

Don’t let this Crimson Vixen fool you. She’s a demon in disguise; a Trickster. She conceals her true form behind beauty. Her true form is an ugly succubus from the Crimson Void; a mirror image of the Goddess that dominates that dimension. She must constantly feed on emotions and souls to maintain her beauty. 

Nothica seeks out the most extreme emotions, such as lust. She seduces all men to drain their lust. She uses their desires to fool them, disguising herself as what they truly want.  Once they are tapped out of lust or no longer under her influence, she disposes of them by stealing their soul.