The Shadows of Crimson: Creatures of the Dark

In RealmLocke, especially on the mainlands, there are creatures that lurk about the shadows, attacking out of nowhere and leaving no trace. These are the Shadows of the Crimson, nasty creatures with an appetite for fear and souls.

Shadows have a variety of forms from the Crawler (a swarm creature that relentlessly overwhelms targets) to the Colossus (giants that block out sunlight for advancing shadows or they open rifts). The most well known and feared are the Stalkers.

Stalkers look like a starved creature, whose bones are protruding through its quill covered body. They look like a humanoid rat with long quill covered ears (Almost rabbit like, but they look more like horns). Their eyes are large and red, no iris or pupil, or whites. They have no mouth. Their claws are long and thin like knives, and they tend to run on all fours. They feast upon fears and souls, harvesting them for their Queen, Nothica (she uses fear and souls to stabilize her beauty)

Stalkers hide in the shadows, following around potential victims. They remain unseen until they strike. They emit an aura that induces fear in their victims. They seek to reap the fear, and try to push victims to the brink of breaking down in terror. Once the victim is too terrified, Stalkers unleash a wave of energy that causes everything around them to freeze. This is how they are able to attack without leaving any evidence. Then they pounce on the victim, staring them down with their strange eyes. They draw the fear out of the victim into an essence form, and then disappear. The victim will have no memory of the event. (So how do people know of their existence? Simple…not everyone is forgets the attack. Some can withstand the aura, or some witnesses are able to see the Stalkers.)

If a Stalker is revealed, it will become hostile, attacking who ever saw them. Swarms of Stalkers will join in to extinguish the witness. They will pin the witness down, and harvest their soul.

Stalkers and other Shadows (aside from the Colossus) only have one weakness, Sunlight or Moonlight. They take damage from normal weapons, but unless they are hit by Sunlight or Moonlight, they will regenerate. The light seems to burn them, preventing them from using their powers or regenerating. Once hit with light, they must be destroyed before they dive into the shadows to heal.

Sun Flares and Light enchanted weapons are the best course of action when dealing with Shadows. Their eyes are their weakest points and are easy to blind. If you don’t blind them or avoid their eyes, they will paralyze you. Be quick, stay in the light, and avoid their eyes and stay out of the shadows


Wind Walker: Speed Demon Exo


Model: Aero V50
Style: Gust Glider Dragon; a Dragon known for riding the winds to increase its speed for hunting and avoiding attacks.

Armor: Light Titanium; lightens the armor for agility, but decreases defense

1. Whirlwind Repeating Rifle; a fast firing conjure gun, built to fire semi automatically. It’s lightweight for agility, and for decreased kickback. Runes it specializes with: Wind, Lightening, Fire, and Metal.

2. Raptor Knife; Standard arm mounted knife for close range combat and quick strikes.

1. Hit and Run; avoiding damage while taking quick shots or strikes on a target
2. Pursue; chase down the target while relentlessly attacking.

The Wind Walker is a scout/ special ops exo built to pursue fast moving enemies or provide distractions for heavier exos. The exo moves about the ground using special orb treads called Guild Treads. They work similar to how skates work. The treads allow the exo to move across most terrains with ease and speed. The support braces on its legs brace the weight of its body.

These are lightweight fighters, not meant to fight in close quarters for long periods of time. The exo can run at high speeds. This allows it too cover more field then most of the other exos. They mainly play the role of scouts, mapping out a field or marking locations of targets. It is meant to strike fast, and even pursue fleeing enemies. The gun it carries fires quick bursts of rune energy, excellent for rapidly firing while on the run.

The major down fall to this exo is its defense. It relies heavily on rune powered shields, and once they are depleted, the pilot is exposed. The armor cannot survive too many hits, before shutting down.

Overall, its speed and agility make it a hard target to hit, and it is a relentless striker