Dawn of Spring (Poem)

Spring is a shiny silver coin,
It lays on the pavement until April.

The sky is vibrant with arrays of blue,
Birds singing songs cheerfully.
The soft aroma of blooms surrounds me,
washing over in rolling waves
leaving a minty taste on my breath.

Sweet honey tastes the way bright diamonds
Sparkle and shimmer in the sun’s rays,

Sparkling and shimmering like Cinderella’s blue dress
flowing gracefully about the ball room.

Gold is the greatest color of Spring.

The ocean prefers deep blues
like grass loves green.

Since I saw the deep colors, I hear their songs.

“This has gotta be the good life,”
Lingers in the wind’s whispers
to the waking flowers.

The sounds of nature’s melody.

The clouds fill their watering cans
watering the world’s garden.

Michelangelo was their to capture the moment,
so he could prepare for tomorrow,
where he will relax about the cherry trees,
and paint pedals of blooming blossoms
among the fresh foliage.

I’ll have to smell the blooms to see his artwork unfold.

Carpe diem!

Dawn of a new day.
Dawn for nature o stretch her limbs.
Dawn for the shiny coin,
Embracing April with a smile.

By Michael Woolsey
I wrote this poem based on an assignment for my Creative Writing Class. It sounded great, and I wanted to share it with you.


Hel’Fire Drake, the Elder of the Void

Hel’Fire Drake…the name is feared by all Dragons and Dregons on Dragthrn. He is the Grim Reaper of Dragons. He rules the dimension called the Void’Lands, a realm connected to RealmLocke. Like other connected realms in RealmLocke, they are sealed off to world of the living (for their safety from whatever lives within these strange realms) until they are summoned through a ritual.

Hel’Fire is built like a western dragon. His body is covered in a skeleton that looks like the bones of a dragon. He has a large skull that outlines his serpent like head. His eyes are cat-like and glow yellow. The whites of his eyes are black. His bat-like wings are tattered. He is covered in a mix of oil black and blood red scales. At the tip of his tail is a scythe like blade. Fog rolls from his mouth with each breath he takes. In fact he uses this fog as his sign of his presence, to terrify his victims.

He controls an army of vial creatures known as Void Dragons. They feast upon the energy and essence of the living. Void Dragons are surrounded in a siphon like aura that looks like dancing shadows with long claws. Anything that touches or is caught by these claws starts to be drained of their energy. They also possess the ability of the Fear. Their irises turn pure white when using the Gaze of Fear, petrifying anyone that makes eye contact. Void Dragons, like Hel’Fire Drake, were meant to enforce the laws of the Dragons. If a Dragon breaks the law such as murder (killing another Dragon or killing settlers like Humans, Elves, or Hybrid), the Elders can call upon Hel’Fire from the Void’Lands to punish the criminal. He will take away their power, turning them to stone.

Hel’Fire is known for his disturbing personality. He acts detached from his emotions, but once he has a target, he suddenly becomes psychotic. He enjoys striking fear into others and loves tormenting his targets, slowly draining them. Most of the Elders are wary of him. He has too much power. He could easily overthrow them and wreak havoc and chaos in RealmLocke. They constantly must keep him in check, siphoning him of whatever energy he collects. Using Siphon Crystals, they can limit the time that the Void Elder can be out of his realm. Once he hits the limit, he’s sucked back into his realm.

Froz’Thrn, Elder of Frost and Cold

A major lone wolf of the Elder Dragons, Froz’Thrn is the ruler of the Frozen Domain, the home of the mineral mines. He has a similar body build like Mantel, but smaller. He has large white thick scales, some covered with fur. This allows him to maintain a constant body temperature in the sub-zero temperatures. He has the head similar to a wolf with an ice like plating to protect his eyes from the freezing winds. He has large pointy horns made out of ice, talons sharp like a hawks that can grip the ice and snow, bat-like wings, and all his claws and spines are sharpen with icy constructs.

Froz’Thrn can control ice and snow. His eyes are his main source of power called, “Cold Stare.” He can merely stare at anything and cause it to freeze. It’s similar to Medusa’s gaze. He can breath freezing winds or shards of ice. He can also construct objects out of ice with his will. He can manipulate the ice on his body to form defenses or alter his appearance for magic based rituals.

Froz’Thrn is not a major Elder like Nova, Thundar, Aqua, or Mantel. He played no part in the creation of the Dragon’Hearts. He and the other Elders are not on the best of terms. They are highly suspicious of him, due to his strange practices. He prefers to be alone, where he can be deep in thought. He’s extremely intelligent, and very in tuned with science and magic. He spends his time experimenting with the arcane arts and alchemist practices. Most Dragons cannot use any form of magic outside of their element due to their Elemental Structure. It only allows them to use elements. Froz’Thrn has discovered away to change his Structure to handle magic, through his experiments. The Elders worry about him, fearing his magical experiments will lead to him down a dark path.

Mantel, Elder of Earth and Metal

Mantel is oldest of the Elder Dragons, and perhaps the strongest. He is the only Dragon of the Elders to walk on his hind legs when in beast form. His body is bursting with cords of muscles like a bull. He has large curve bull horns, a large underbite jaw shaped like jagged mountain tops, a full beard like a goat and hooves to match, and thick three fingered claws built like shovels. His long tail has a large hammer like tip, strong enough to crack stones. He is covered in green and bronze scales that are thick as steel. His teeth can crush stone.

His hulking form makes him menacing, but he’s far from it. He’s a gentle giant who loves festivities and strong drinks. Aged wines, stouts, ale, mead are among his favorites. Mantel is very down to earth, and enjoys the beauty of nature. He loves to call the Elders by nicknames he gave them based off of earth elements. He treats Aqua like his little sister, caller her his little Pearl. Nova is Ruby, red as fire and twice as beautiful. Thundar is Sulfur, explosive and useful. Thundar hates his nickname, so he mocks him by calling him, Brass-Head, tough and thick skulled.

Mantel is very powerful. When angered, the earth around him trembles. He attract minerals from the ground and turn them into constructs that can crush and smash his opponents. He can even coat his body in the toughest minerals, practically making him invincible.

Sun Vixen


Vinnessa is a young sun Vixthra (vixen in Foxthra tongue) with the power of Sun Fox’Fire. The flames can manipulate plants, as well as alter her appearance or cast illusions. Foxthra and Vixthra like her are shunned by the other Canines in RealmLocke. The Wolves accuse the Foxthra of being witches or dark sorcerers, ever since one Vixthra was possessed by the Crimson Darkness that nearly engulfed the light of the world.

Foxthra are born with the ability of Fox’Fire. It allows them to alter their forms or manipulate the thoughts of others. Foxthra utilize this skill to hid from those who would accuse them.
Vinnessa loves to practicing illusion magic, disguising herself as other creatures like wolves, lions, and sometimes humans. Fox’Fire illusions are fairly strong and uncannily convincing. The only drawback is the fact that Fox’Fire cannot disguise reflections or shadows. This tends to get this young Vixthra in trouble. She’s constently being chased out of villages, because she gives away her illusion, one way or another.

Vinnessa just wants to see the world and loves to learn about other cultures. She hopes to one day to be free of the witch stigma and be free to venture the world.

Aqua, the Elder of Ocean and Water

Aqua is the youngest of the Elder Dragons. She is calm and very passive. She is considered the heart of the Elders, due to her kind nature. She is built like an Eastern Dragon. She has the body of a serpent, head like a deer, antennas like a carp on her head, webbing on her ears and claws, and a tail like a mermaid. Her blue smooth scales allow her to swim freely through the water and zip through currents. Her antennas allow her to conduct the flow of water and currents.

Aqua is very free spirited and rarely angry. She friendly and very affectionate. She prefers to negotiate over fighting. Aqua looks up to Mantel like he is her older brother, and will usually call for him when in danger. Though Aqua has a passive nature, she is quite deadly when provoked. When alone and in danger, water attracts to her like magnets. It literally pulls itself out of the air, ground, and bodies of water. The water immerses her in a cocoon of heavy currents, detouring any attack. It also allows her to constantly bombard her enemies with pressurized water or drown them.