Waking Spring

Waking Spring

This cute little kitsune is enjoying the beauty of spring.

I’ve got spring on my mind, so I couldn’t resist coloring this pic. Spring is one of my favorite seasons. I just love the nice weather; not too hot or too cold. Also, there’s plenty of neat colors to work with when you’re drawing; just like Autumn!

Winter is my least favorite. I like how the snow looks on the trees and ground, its very beautiful, but I could do with out the cold weather.

What’s your favorite season? why?


Sunlight and Starlight


Vinnessa and her familiar, Fire’Fly, both have the ability to use Fox’Fire. Vinnessa’s Fire ability is sunlight, a concentrated form of Fox’Fire that has a purifying or negating effect on darkness or other Fox’Fire spells. Fire’Fly uses starlight which burns the brightest in the dark. It wards off evil and dark spirits. When their powers combine, it creates a banishment spell that annihilates or seals away darkness. This is perfect for keeping the Crimson Goddess, Nothica, from getting her claws on their Fox’Fire Essence.

I did a little modification to Fire’Fly.  I wanted her to look more fairy like.

Lovely Passion


This beautiful elegant dragon naga is Kennocha Passion. She tends to get carried away with how she shows affection or flirts, such as when she wants to cuddle or hug. Her large constrictor body is longer than most boas and is about as wide as a normal couch cushion. It can be manipulated into different shapes and she tends to use it for everything.

One of her favorite things to do is to use her tail as cushions, wrapping and stacking it around couches. This allows her to sneak in a boa constricting hug on who ever sits next to her. She tends to forget her own strength, sometimes squeezes too hard. She can’t help…poor girl.

Character by: Me


I played around with the colors on this one. I tried using different bright colors and saturating them to get that strange rainbow lighting in the background. Overall, I’m pretty happy on how it turned out. 🙂

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