Song of the Blacksmith

Hands scarred with searing iron,
Thick fingers callused and worn,
Fitted with crack leather,
For the work they endure.

Hammer hangs,
Awaits work.
Red Iron,
Burning hearth.

He strokes his beard,
Dusty from ash,
Throws his rounded hammer,
to anvil with a smash.

Hammer clangs,
Sparks fizzle.
Iron burns,
Water sizzles.

He pounds out the shape
On the irons’ red glow,
Sparks burst from strikes,
Falling like snow.

Hammer shapes,
Iron’s form.
Blade points,
Sword’s horn.

He sweats in the volcanic heat,
Smearing ash on his vest,
Holding the finished sword,
Singing of his success.

Hammer clanged,
Sparks roar,
Job complete,
Once more.

What is this place,
Covered in ash?
Tis music to me,
If you must ask.

Hammer clangs,
Sparks fizzle,
Iron burns,
Water sizzles.

By Michael Woolsey


Canvas World

Calm breeze across a green meadow,
Sweeps over cup-shape flowers,
Swaying into an ocean of colors.

A red sleepy fox lays curled,
Under the tall grass,
Snuggling her young pups,
In the mid morning sun.

A slithering river of crystal blue,
Shushes passing by,
Running off the bottomless cliff,
A pouring teapot into the clouds.

The world ends at the tip of the pencil,
Lifting slowly from a blank canvas.
Like a conductor’s stick for an orchestra,
It leads the dream across the page.

Like white marble for Michelangelo,
The canvas possesses a hidden world
Waiting to burst into reality.

By Michael Woolsey

RL Exos: Rune Exo


The RL Exos are a line of Heavy Armor Mechs designed to handle tougher opponents or larger monsters. This model is the Rune Exo MK5. It is an assault based model built to charge into battle. The Turbin Conjuror on its left arm allows for high speed rune casting. It’s is equipped with a Rune Chamber to reload after a rune is drained. The Graple arm is meant for grasping and wielding the Exo’Cleaver, a giant battle blade. This model is overall light weight and built to be quick.

Cyrus (normal form) Costume Uodate


Here’s another version of Cyrus without his Angel of Scars costume or mask. This is his normal/training outfit for when he’s not in the city or on patrol. This outfit is similar to his armor in that it siphons and limits his Frost’Born and Fire’Born powers so he doesn’t become overwhelmed and lose control. This siphoning is achieved thought the various crystals located on his back, wrist bands, and ankle bands.