Merry Christmas 2013!!

Merry Christmas 2013!!


I just wanted to post my newest picture I completed for the Holidays. Its a drawing for my sister of a Liberian in her Fantasy Library.


MoonRise! Light of Justice!


One of Ziik’s signature moves with Lunar Gauntlet. He rushes his target, striking them with a powerful thrust. The glowing light emitted from the gauntlet purifies the target by absorbing the darkness, and banishing it to the Void of Noth.

This move gives Ziik a major boost of speed and is a powerful finisher. The only downfall is its accuracy. Ziik has to hit the target precisely, or the finisher will not work.

Ziik Teimen: Return of the Lunar Champion


I’ve been doing some alterations to Ziik’s outfit and story. Here’s his new look, when he first discovers the power of the his Lunar Guantlet.

It’s more modern, and I think it suits his artistic nature. The tee says AniMazing. Ziik is a big fan of Anime and Manga. He loves wearing graphic Tees, with his favorite characters and graphics. The character on this tee is just a generic chibi wolf girl.

So here’s a little background behind this pic. This sketch is a depiction of Ziik when he first becomes fused by the Lunar Gauntlet. The immense energy of the gauntlet blazes, acknowledging its new host. Ziik stares in shock, wondering what he has done, and what will happen to him.

I’ll have more on how Ziik received the gauntlet soon.

Fir’Nova: City of Salamanders


Fir’Nova: City of Salamanders
“This mountain serves as the Heart of our very way of life. It’s thermal energy flows through the veins of all mountains, bringing life to this land we call home.” Elder of Fire, Fir’Nova

Fir’Nova is the city of the Fire’Born Dregons, built around the northern most and largest volcanic vent on the island known as the Eternal Hearth, the heart of the mountains. The city is known as the city of salamanders, the home of masters of fire and flame. The city is constructed with several pipelines throughout, proving the city with an ever flowing supply of thermal energy. The city also houses several small forges, and one major forge located within the Palace of the Eternal Forge on the top of the Eternal Hearth. It’s major export is metal crafting, the finest in all of Dragthrn.

Many travel to this city to learn the trick of the forge, especially to learn to craft Nova Scale material. Nova Scale is a metal material formed from minerals in the Eternal Hearth. If crafted properly, it is capable of high durability and protection against extreme heat.

Many others travel to the city of salamanders to learn the history of the Elder Dragoness the city was found after. Fir’Nova, the Elder of Fire, discovered the power of Dragon Fire on top of the Eternal Hearth. She learned to harness the power of the bellowing flames, and created the 4 Dragon forms of the element: Fire Breather, Torch Fist, Flame Forger, and Hearth Mender. She established the Eternal Hearth to be home to all Fire’Borns, where they could learn the master the flames of the volcanic vent. In her honor and out of respect, the Fire’Borns named their newly found home after her. Within the palace grounds of the Palace of Eternal Hearth, there is a temple with a shrine to the Dragoness. Many followers of the fire arts train within the temple in hopes of learning the secrets that the Elder discovered.

The palace grounds of the Eternal Hearth are home to the royals, as well as the largest forge guild, Masters of the Forge, and many other well known guilds: Nova Salamanders (fire casters) and Knights of the Sun (elite warriors and militia). The royals live in the Hearth district near the palace. The major guilds are established in the Nova district.

Besides the major guilds of the city, there are several smaller guilds located throughout the city. Most if them are located in the Fire and Ember districts. Those in the Fire district are mostly guilds who set off on various quests or mercenary work that come into the city. These guilds are known for keeping a clean slate in the eyes of the city’s dwellers, and usually aid in law enforcement. The most distinct guilds here are: Nova Force and Order of Fir’Nova. Both guides are known for their elite mercenaries, but neither one is better than the other. These two are in constant competition to prove who is the better guild. They usually hold a tournament for all guilds to prove the strength and honor of their members.

For guilds dwelling within the Ember district, life is all about deceit. These are darker, more cutthroat guilds. A majority of them are assassin, thief, and cutthroat mercenary guilds. They terrorize and rob from the locals, as well as stir up trouble in the Fire district. The most distinct guilds here are: the Ice Titans and the once powerful Vengeful Scars. The Ice Titans are a guild of radical Frost’Borns, who seek to overthrow the city in the name of the Frozen King, Tun’Thra. Originally, this guild was a small cutthroat guild of nothing but petty thieves. It was not until Tun’Thra took control of the Frozen Lands and the Frozen Abyss, that the group became a major threat. Tun’Thra declared war on all nonFrost’Borns, increasing this guilds hostility. This guild was the reason the most feared and respected Vengeful Scars was no more. The Vengeful Scars were a secret guild that kept all guilds in line. Their assassins were the elite of the elite, appearing and disappear without a trace. It was all because of their leader, the War’Torn Dragon. He was notorious for the shadow strike, attacking and leaving no trace of an attack. The day the War’Torn disappeared, was the day the guild fell. The Ice Titans took advantage of the orderless guild, destroying everything. No one knows what ever happen the the War’Torn or why he left, but many to this day blame him for the guild’s fall.

Overall, Fir’Nova serves as a star in trade. It is home to the largest supply of thermal energy and forge materials. It’s also one of the most powerful in military power compared to the Earth and Frost Cities.

The image above depicts the city’s gateway to the Eternal Hearth from the Fire district. The palace is located at the top of the mountain. The mountain has been hollowed out around the thermal energy, and and there are many tunnels to several of the forges on the mountains.

This is just a sketch concept, I plan to create a better concept in color later on.
Art and story by Michael Woolsey

Taking Finals

Sorry everyone for the inactivity. I’m getting ready for my fall finals and I haven’t had much time for typing or drawing. I’m currently working on writing a report and a web project for my classes, as well as studying for 4 exams.

Hopefully when these finals are over with, I’ll find some time to post some new posts.

Until then,