More Than Authentic RoughDraft


Lara wanted to dress up as a dark dragon enchantress for her Halloween party. She had the dress and most of the accessories, but not the most important piece…the horn crown. Just about every dark enchantress has one. It’s the start of the transformation into their monster form…a dragon. She could by any horn crown from any costume shop, but shee was determined to find an authentic looking crown.

She went and tried one on at Mythics and Biizzare, and suddenly she’s transformed into a half dragon hybrid. She didnt read the warning thatt stated, “SHe who dawns this crown will become a dragon all around.”(made with real dragon ivory…campable of dragon transformation) Now not only has her original dress ripped, she’s a tall half dragon with a large scaly tail and wings to match.

You think she’s be freaked out, but really she’s actually glad. No one at the party is going to be dressed as a real dragon enchantress. She’ll definitly be the life of the party now.

This is just a rough draft
Story, Character, and art by anbumsw aka me


Legend of the War’tron Dragon and the Guild of the Vengful Scars


Before Cyrus became the Angel of Scars, the mask he wears once belonged to someone else. Its owner was the notorious lead assassin of the Vengeful Scars. He was the War’torn Dragon.

A master of the shadows, the War’torn Dragon was a name feared by all Dregon Guilds. The assassin was known to strike fear into his targets, driving them to madness. Once the target is broken of their sanity and wits, he strikes out of no where. His technique is so flawless, it is said that he strikes like a flash of lightening, earning him the nickname Shadow Wraith.

With the War’torn as the leader of the Vengeful Scars, the guild became the most feared throughout the kingdoms. The guild served as head of the enforcers, and for a time, they maintained the balance amongst the guilds…That is until the Ice Titans appeared.

The radical Frost’borns of the Ice Titans believed that all will serve the Frozen Abyss. The guild began reaching havoc throughout the kingdoms, tearing down guilds who opposed them. Out of fear, many of the fallen guilds turned to the Vengeful Scars for help. The War’torn agreed, and may it his sole mission too cut off the head of the Ice Titans…their leader Frozon. He ventured forth with a small squad of the highest assassins to take down Frozon, before his guild could make it to the City of Flames; their home. That day, would be the last time anyone would ever see the War’torn.

The squad returned with nothing but the mask of their beloved leader. When he went to confront Frozon, he never returned. No knew why he disappeared, but one thing was obvious…The guild was lost without their leader, and soon the Ice Titans would come to wipe them out.

Most of the guild fled into hiding, knowing they could not face their enemy if they could take out their leader. Some tried to oppose Frozon and his forces, only to be flattened in his path of destruction. The guild was in ruins, shattered into the shadows.

No one knows where the legendary assassin disappeared to or why his mask was left behind. Some say he was taken prisoner, and locked away in the frozen mines of the Frozen Abyss, never to be seen or heard of again.

“Those who rely on the darkness are doomed to fall victim to its shadows.”
War’torn Dragon’s code of the Vengeful Scars

The Weapon he carries is called “Faith Sisters’ Scissors.” The blade literally cuts through the body’s life source. Using magical weaves, it cuts without leaving a mark, phasing through objects. It can disable muscles, nerves, and even the brain.

Inferno Nova: Dragina Mid-transformation


When Dragina becomes enraged, the Fire’Heart activates unleashing a surge of blazing dragon energy. This begins her transformation into dragon form. In this state, she can unleash gusts of infernos that can engulf and burn anything in its path.

When she is pushed further into her rage, she becomes a full Fire Dragon, who’s capable of unleashing white-hot flames that disintegrate anything caught in its path.

I’m working on making a few character alterations with their looks, outfits, and stories. I’ll post more when I get the chance.

Prince of Sub-Zero Storms


Ice’zik is Cyrus’s older half-brother and his biggest rival. The frozen prince is just like his father, cold and emotionally detached. Born a pure Frost’Born, and tainted with the element of the Storm’Heart (Storm Dragon), he is a deadly combination of sub-zero magic and lightening fast speed.

Ice’zik loathes his half-brother, finding him weak and unfit for the throne. Cyrus constantly challenges him to fight to prove his strength, but Ice’zik always refuses. He finds Cyrus is not on his level. He hasn’t excepted the power their father gave him. Besides, Ice’zik believes it would be an unfair and boring fight if he accepted. He’s just too fast and more highly skilled in combat. Though he refuses, they almost always fight in the end, and it usually ends with Cyrus being battered and beaten.

“You’re not my equal, little brother, and you never will. Until you let go of what constrains you, your fait is to be forever a worthless weakling. So, Except it.”

Ice’zik after defeating Cyrus for the first time.

Angel of Scars: Origin of Mask (Rough/Overview)


This is a brief overview of about how Cyrus came to wear a mask. I’m working on adding more soon. I’m also working on updating a few of my character’s storylines and backgrounds (just some changes and revisions) (I’ll post more soon)


Soon after he was branded with a scar, Cyrus took to hiding his face in shame. Everywhere he went, he was ridiculed by his peers. He wanted no one to recognize him, and call him that dreadful name, “Fros’Fir,” the demon of the Flames of Death. He sought out a mask. One that would detour any wondering eyes. What he found was a gruesome mask that belonged to an old warrior Dregon. Its name, the “War’torn Dragon.”

The warrior told him it was sculpted like a skull, battered and scared from countless fights. It was meant to strike fear into the eyes of enemies. It was the symbol of old mercenary guild known as the “Vengeful Scars.” The guild was long gone, after being destroyed the guild, “Ice Titans,” a radical group of Frost’Borns that are determined to bring down the Fire Kingdom. What was left was shrouded in secrecy. All that was known was they used took out their targets under the shroud of night, and leaving their victims in a state a total fear.