Secret of the Thorned Rose

Secret of the Thorned Rose

Under her beauty lies a dark demonic secret. After draining the life from a pure hearted Kitsune, Nothica gained eternal beauty and youth, but at a cost. She must constantly drain the life of others by absorbing fear, lust, or stealing souls. If she doesn’t, her true form is revealed, a demonic Succubus. She despises her demon form, always trying to hide it with a disguise. She will stop at nothing to restore her beauty, using any form of deceit, lust, or fear to drain the life of her victims.

Nothica’s Beauty Form:


Cold-Hearted Tyrant

Cold-Hearted Tyrant

The feared ruler of the Frozen Abyss, Tun’Thra the High Frost King rules with corruption and fear. No one can oppose him without falling into madness from the aura of fear surrounding him. Tun’Thra is known for his obsession with Dragon’Hearts. He has experimented with several hundred, most of which he has stolen from fallen guardians. He wishes to create a Dragon’Heart that will surpass all, one that will allow him to overtake the Fire Kingdom. If one controls the Fires of the Mountain of the Fire Kingdom, one has control of all lands of the Dragons.

Though he has not been successful, his numerous experiments have corrupted his true form. He lingers between his Dragon Form and Hybrid form, leaving him looking like a demon. Thus many refer to him as the Demon Frost Dragon.

Nengajo 2010 Contest: Year of the Tiger

Nengajo 2010 Contest: Year of the Tiger

Kore wa tora to on’nanoko nengajo desu.

This a New Year’s Card of a Tiger and a girl (Rough translation).

I drew this for a contest in back in my high school Japanese class. The contest required a nengajo with the animal of the year with its kanji, year, and a greeting. Along with that, 2 or more Japanese New Year’s decorations. I chose to draw a girl in a festive kimono, in the middle of a bamboo forest near a decorated torii gate, hugging the animal of the New Year the Tiger.

This pic was one of the two in my class chosen to go on to the competition. It is one of my favorites. =D
Hope you like it =D

Sketch Collection 1

I love going back and looking at old drawings and sketches from years ago. You get to check out your progress and how you art has changed over the years. You never know what you’ll find. You might come across something Freakin’ Awesome or something that leaves you thinking, “Why did I draw this?”  Lol

The best part of looking back is finding inspiration in your old sketches. You can come up with new ways to revamp that sketch or build a character or personality around it.

I’ve been doing some digging, looking at some of my old sketches, and I came across a few I really liked. I thought it would be fun to share them, and see what you guys think.

Fox LadiesImageThis is a collection of practice sketches of fox girls. I wanted to practice a more human like look with these characters.

BA Swordsmen

ImageThis is a random swordsman, a complete BA! He’s got this ridiculous buster blade, carved and shaped to slash fast and inflict massive damage. Not sure if he’s a hero or villain though.

Lovely and Cute 



Just a random assortment of elegant and cute characters. 

King of the Battlefield 

ImageThis king doesn’t sit idly by as his kingdom goes to war. He throws on his best suit of armor and grabs his sharpest blade and charges in.




Awakener of Lost Souls

Awakener of Lost Souls

Toric is the last of the Soul Awakeners, the Kin’Speak, a powerful group of soul baring sorcerers. He is able to communicate with souls of heroes to aid him through relics and charms they became attached to. By channeling some of his own soul energy, he can manifest a lost soul into the real world for a short period of time.

Toric is a professor in mythology and mystical arts. He seeks to find away to free the various souls he has collected. He is known for his wisdom and courage. He is also known as Ziik’s caretaker while Ziik’s mother is away. He teaches Ziik all he knows about mythology and magic.

Read more about Ziik here:

Star Struck FireFly

Star Struck FireFly

FireFly is Vinnessa’s familiar, a Fir’Fairy. She protects and guides Vinnessa on there journies, pointing out pathes, dangers, and even lighting the way with her torch tail and glow rings.

Her personality is similar to Vinnessa. She’s playful and adventurous, but she also an attention hog. She claims she’s prettier than Vinnessa, and boys find her more attractive. She’s a flirter and is crazy for hunky guys. She can also be quite the jealous type, getting even by pulling pranks and other little tricks.

FireFly and Vinnessa may not see eye to eye all the time, but the two need each othe to survive on their adventures, like a candle needs a flame to shine.

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Angel of Scars: DragoLore Armor

Angel of Scars: DragoLore Armor

I’ve been playing around with Cyrus’s looks and his duds, trying to create him a BA set of armor. What I’ve got here is his DragoLore Suit. The top half kinda exoskeleton plate armor. The colors I’m thinking for this is maybe blues and oranges (shaded areas could be blue and the whites could be orange).

Cyrus’s friend forged the armor with enchanted elemental crystals to help Cyrus control his powers, especially his frost abilities. Cyrus is constantly fighting the Frost’Heart shard embedded in his heart. The shard was a fraction of his father’s, who hoped the shard would increase the likelihood of Cyrus becoming the Fros’Fir. It is the reason he has frost powers and dragon wings, but it’s also the reason Cyrus is slowly losing his mind to his father’s will. Without the armor, Using any form of Frost magic would prove to be uncontrollable, as well as speed up his father’s control.

With this armor, Cyrus gains a longer period of time to cast Frost magic, like his frost blades or frost pillars. The armor also doubles his wing duration. The armor is controlled by his will power. He can summon is at anytime, so long as he’s not drained of Mystic’Lore (magical energy of RealmLocke) or the connection link isn’t disrupted.