Caster Gauntlet of the Lunar Light

Caster Gauntlet of the Lunar Light

After stumbling upon this ancient gauntlet, Ziik became infused with the power of the Lunar Light, a powerful magic that was once used by a legendary hero. The gauntlet covers the wielder’s caster arm in an enchanted magical armor when activated. The wielder of the gauntlet is able to summon magical energy that is based on the phases of the mooon. There are 4 settings that can be activated by turning the dial on the forearm.

The Cresent Moon Mode summons forth a sharp energy wave of light in the form of a cresent moon. It tears through any form of darkness, and can be casted from a long range. Half Moon Mode creates a second guantlet on the off-hand so the caster can summon forth to glowing arm blades. This form increases the caster’s speed and agility, and is useful for close range. Full Moon Mode is the most powerful setting. It summons forth a glowing orb that activates the Soul Seal ability, an ancient darkness banishment. To Soul Seal, the caster has to simply aborb the orb into his/her hand and tag a dark being. The seal will open a vortex of light that will banish any dark being to the Void of Noth. The caster can absorb any form of light to increase the Full Moon’s power, especially againt powerful enemies. The final setting is the New Moon. New Moon sends the caster into the shadow realm, where they take on their shadow form (a beast like form). In the shadows, the caster can manipulate the shadows the attack for them, and they gain an increase in stealth when hiding in shadows. The downfall to this is the longer the caster remains in New Moon, the more they expose themselves to the darkness and its corruption. The New Moon Mode is a default mode when the guantlet cannot absorb any light. This usually happen when there is a new moon or a lunar ecplise.

(I’m working on adding more information about how Ziik stumbled upon this gauntlet


Sweet LITTLE Angela

Sweet LITTLE Angela

This little lady is Angela, a big day dreamer always with her head in the clouds. She could sit for hours, letting her imagination run wild, and writing down her favorite thoughts in her journal. She loves getting lost in a good book. Her favorite genera is Romantic Fantasy. She hopes to one day be a Romance Author, writing stories about people finding true love.

For the most part, Angela is pretty shy. She thinks everyone is intimidated by her height. However, once you get to know her, she can be very outgoing and friendly. Some of Angela’s favorite things are sweets (especially caramel apples), reading, and star gazing.

This is my first time drawing a Giraffe Anthro/Furry. I wanted to draw this character with a more manga human face, giving her cute kinda.
It took quite a bit of time and a number of layers to get the colors and looks just right. Overall, I’m pretty happy on how she turned out.

Hope you like it =D!
Here’s a link to her pic on my DA:

Aquatic Beauty’s Melody of Dancing Water


The sun was setting over the thunderous waterfall casting an array of reds, oranges, and yellows into the reflective pools. The water in the pool swirled with a magical serge of energy, eagerly waiting the call of its Muse. From the depths of the pool sprung forth a majestic creature. Droplets rained down from the heavens as the creature perked itself upon an outcropping; the Muse of the water, Aquanna, had arrived.

The Dragontaur’s scales glistened with hues of blue and orange. She wore a shelled top, sea weed wraps on her arms, and a green fishnet skirt, and she was decorated with many different shells and pearls of the deep. Her hair drooped down her back like a waterfall. She was an Aquatic Beauty.

She gazed out upon the watery pool, watching the magic swirl in the currents. She flicked her finned tail like a conductors baton, gaining the attention of the water. Raising her right hand, she began to sing a melody. The water began to spiral into streams, and danced around her right hand, converging into an aquatic globe. The globe shimmered with magic, spiraling all around. She played with the magical weaves, swirling and dancing the water into jumping fountains and streams. She would play on into the night, her :dance: Melody of the Dancing Water :dance:.

This is a remake of one of my old Dragontaur characters from my DA gallery (You can view the original pic at I used pencils and pens to create her lineart, and used photoshop to outline and color and add effects.

Hope you like it! =D

RealmLocke Poll

I wanna work on expanding some characters and adding more stories, but I’d like to know what your opinions are? What would you like to read more about? What would you like to see more of?

Which RealmLocke character would you like to know more about?

Cyrus: The Angel of Scars

A half dragon accused of being a supposed demon called “Froz’Fir” (The Abyssal Flame), that will bring about never ending darkness. He seeks a way to free himself from this claim and bring honor to his name.


Dragina: Beauty and the Beast?

A half dragon princess with a dark secret. She is bonded with a ancient relic that transforms her into a full blooded dragon under certain circumstances. She seeks to be no longer under the relics influence and never transform into the beast again.


Nothica: Crimson Goddess of Noth

A devilishly beautiful Kitsune Succubus with a heart of lust and deceit. She wants all to bow and obey her and will do anything to obtain endless youth and beauty.


Ziik: The Simple Artist

A young Fox Wolf who simply wants to be an artist who lives in a city of all Wolves. He has a hard time fitting in due to he lacks the skills of a real wolf.



Vinnessa the Hidden Blossom

A young Kitsune who loves adventure. She’s a bit mischevious, disguising herself with glamour magic tricking others into believing she someone she’s not.

Vinnessa: the Hidden Blossom

Suzuki the Witch

A Long Earred Fox who seeks to save her mother from the clutches of her demonic father.


Vinnessa: the Hidden Blossom

Vinnessa: the Hidden Blossom

Vinnessa is a bright young kitsune, who’s somewhat mischievous and adventurous. She’s very agile and quick on her feet. Like most kitsune, she excels at the art of Fox Fire and Glamour. She’s pretty good at using fox fire to give her a boost, cling to walls, or run up walls. She loves using fox fire to give her an edge in parkour or cast spells like quick transformations.

She loves disguising herself and venturing into places, learning about different cultures and shopping for the latest fashions. However, her little adventures can get her into deep water.

One time, she disguised herself as a human and entered a human city where magic wasn’t tolerated. She was trying on some new dresses at a bridal shop…just for fun. She got so lost in her fantasies of what marriage would be like that she didn’t realize she was breaking one of the major kitsune guidelines…NEVER STAND NEAR OR IN FRONT OF REFLECTIVE SURFACES! It reveals the kitsune’s true identity!!!

She forgot she was standing in front of 3 tall mirrors, and ALL 3 were reflecting her fox form in a long flowing bridal gown. The tailor was in shock thinking someone had replaced the mirrors with gag ones, but soon she realized when she stood near Vinnessa, her reflection didn’t change. Vinnessa smiled nervously, realizing the tailor was about to panic and call the local magistrate to deal with her. She quickly summoned a cloud of fox fire around herself. When the flames fizzled out, the dress fell to the floor and Vinnessa was no where in site. She had quickly transformed into a real fox and bolted, leaving in her place, several cherry blossoms.

A Witch’s Vow

A Witch's Vow

Suzuki, a Long Earred Fox, was born with the blood of witch and a demon. She and her mother, Suzan, have been in hiding for years, trying to escape the Templars’ Witch Hunt and Suzuki’s demonic father.

Suzuki has been trained by her mother in the supernatural arts. She is able to conjure spells like lightening, ghost force, and demon banishments. They use these skills to cleanse and banish darkness.

During a cleansing, Suzan tried to close a dark portal, only to be hexed and dragged in by a large clawed hand. Suzuki was powerless to save her mother. It was like someone put a leash on her and held her back. She watched helplessly as she disappeared into the dark abyss. Demonic laughter echoed from behind the dark vail. She recognized it as her father’s voice. He finally found them, and he got what he wanted…Suzuki’s mother. Before the portal closed, a locket fell out…Her mother’s locket. The grip on Suzuki faded and she fell to her knees, tears streaming down her face. Her eyes were filled with sadness and rage. She grasped the locket, holding it close to her heart. She cursed into the air and vowed she’d do whatever it takes find her father, and save her mother.

Undead Paladin

Undead Paladin

This Undead Paladin is called a Gate Knight, a guardian whose soul and body is fused to an enchanted body of armor. He is able to sacrifice his left arm (Key Gauntlet) to open a portal to the underworld.

One cut from his broad blade, Sender, is all it takes to brand his opponent for the underworld. The blade leaves a branding that triggers a thousand clawed hands appear to drag the soul to the underworld.

The Gate Knight is extremely strong, wielding the 2 handed blade like a one handed sword. He’s incredibly fast for one who is dead, and he barely feels pain and doesn’t need to breath.. The only downfall is when the portal is open his body is linked to it (left arm creates spiritual connection). This limits him in how far he can travel from the portal. It also limits him on defense, for he can only use his right arm to wield a weapon.